Cleaning Your Plantation Shutters – What Do You Need To Know

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Plantation shutters are gaining popularity steadily across the entire world. The companies that have been there from the beginning and catering to their customers say it. They are receiving more and more orders these days. Now, if you have been thinking about what it’s like to have plantation shutters installed in your house, this topic is for you. Cleaning is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you consider maintenance.

Popular misconceptions

Even with so many individuals installing plantation shutters, there are a few people who harbor misconceptions in their hearts about this window dressing element. Some folks think that they’re difficult to clean, while others believe they won’t allow much light to enter the premises. A few people even worry about not being able to reach their windows easily. You just need to take a look at a few pictures and videos posted on the internet to understand that these beliefs are nothing less than myths.

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The number of louvers

Indeed, plantation shutters have several louvers or slats. If you have multiple panels in a window, you may shudder at the thought of cleaning them all. After all, you aren’t going to buy plantation shutters direct from the manufacturer for just one window. You’ll have to clean every slat of every shutter installed on every window. However, you have no reason to worry because there’s a straightforward trick to cleaning shutters. This trick will entirely dispel the myth associated with the hassle of cleaning them.

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The procedure

When the louvers of your window dressing purchased from the plantation shutters factory china are open, the top surface is the area that will attract most of the dust. As soon as you close the louvers, the same top surface will become the “back face” of the shutter. While cleaning, you just have to tilt the louvers to close them fully and open or fold the panels of the window. You’ll get one flat surface in front of you that you can dust with one sweeping motion. It should do the trick.

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