Taking Window Measurements Before Buying Shutters – Learn How to Do It

Taking Window Measurements Before Buying Shutters – Learn How to Do It

If you plan to purchase and use the products manufactured by the plantation shutters suppliers in china, you have to measure your windows accurately first. It’s just as important as knowing your body’s measurements when you buy clothes. When you get an estimated measurement, it will help you ascertain the price of the shutters per square foot. The measuring process isn’t as complicated as you think. You simply need a couple of tools to determine the length and breadth of each window.

Measuring square and rectangular windows

First of all, you need a pencil, a piece of paper, and a measuring tape. Square and rectangular windows are usually the simplest to measure. You won’t have any problems measuring them, but you have to be as accurate as possible. You should start by scaling the horizontal side or breath. Do it by writing down the values acquired from three different window spots from the center, the top, and the bottom. Once you have the three, you must mark them down to the value nearest to eight of an inch. Finally, repeat the process with the length or vertical side.

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Measuring semi-circle or arched windows

Here comes the tricky part. Measuring circular, semi-circular, arched, or octagonal windows can be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly possible for you to do it if you stick to the guidelines mentioned here. You should begin at the flat bottom with the width. Don’t forget to record the value nearest to eight of an inch while determining the dimensions of the window opening. After that, you must divide the width measurement into two halves to get the halfway point of the window. From there, measure the window to the top and find the value to the nearest eighth of an inch.

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Measuring full-circle windows

Due to the complicated nature of the window construction, getting approximate measurements will be more difficult than the previous ones. As long as you aren’t an expert at the task, achieving accuracy for the polymer plantation shutters won’t be possible. If you have full-circle windows, you should hire the services of a professional to avoid.

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