5 Popular Wood Species for Interior Wood Shutters

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While interior shutters are not a new concept, wood shutters for windows are growing in popularity, and are quickly replacing traditional window coverings such as drapes and curtains for several reasons, including the fact that they can provide great protection from heat and glare, without obstructing your view in a room, as well as add value to your home. 

Interior wood shutters are a unique choice. They open and close with a wooden touch that is undeniable. Wood is an essential material for shutters, interior shutters have been made with natural wood for hundreds of years, and they’re still the choice of most shutter manufacturers today. 

When it comes to wood shutters for windows, there are a wide variety of options to choose from(the material to the shape), and many features affect cost and quality. This article will break down the differences between 5 popular wood species for interior wood shutters so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your project.

Best Wood for Interior Shutters

Goodwood Shutters has been manufacturing and exporting custom plantation shutters for over 20 years and sells just about every type of interior shutter made of the finest wood types available! We specialize in all sorts of interior wood shutters and encourage you to visit our plantation shutters factory.

There are many different types of wood, and each has diverse qualities that will be important for your project. For instance, some woods are stronger than others, some are lighter, some have better staining properties, and some have better painting properties. Choosing the right wood material for your interior shutters can have a huge impact on their longevity and beauty. Here are the five most popular options for wood shutters’ interior.

Basswood Shutters

Basswood shutters are the most popular choice of all wood shutters for windows. It has a closed grain and produces less sap, which makes it easier to apply primer and stains. The slow growth also means that the wood is straighter and cracks less, making it a much better choice than other woods. This option remains one of the best choices for Tier-on-Tier Styles or large panels, as for conservatory windows.

Basswood is a hard, durable type of wood that resists warping and is not easily affected by heat and water. That means you can install them even in spaces where you would normally avoid using timber shutters, such as bathrooms and kitchens. This versatile species can also be used in food containers, surfboards, and other custom projects.

The basswood series of plantation shutters are best-selling and most beautiful. You can choose from a wide range of finishes, which are more durable than most other plantation shutters. All of these shutters also come with the FSC certification, which means that they’re eco-friendly.

White Ash Shutters

The white ash wood has a very deep grain, which can be seen when this type of timber is painted or stained. This wood is used for many purposes, from making baseball bats and carpenter’s hand tools to tables and shutters. Shutters with white ash wood give them a more charismatic appearance compared to the usual light-colored woods.

Ash shutters are an excellent choice for those that appreciate deep grains. The deep grain in the wood is best accentuated with a rich stain available in a range of colors. We also offer paint finishes with this wood type. We take care of every last detail and by hand apply a rag-rubbed stain to make sure the color is evenly spread and consistent. Attention like this will amaze you!

Pine Shutters

Monterey Pine Shutters are durable and affordable wood made from FSC-certified and sustainably sourced New Zealand timber. The shutters are made from the Monterey Pine tree, which is highly dense and grows at a medium rate. It is mainly used for flooring, furniture, and fences. 

This piece is our most inexpensive yet high-performance option, perfect for those looking for a high-quality option without the bank-breaking cost. Monterey Pine shutter is a durable and affordable option with a gorgeous, straight grain. However, knots are common, so we often recommend a painted finish to keep it looking elegant.

Poplar Shutters

Poplar is a sustainable hardwood for shutters on larger windows and doors. This versatile wood is super easy to work with, making it perfect for larger projects. It’s durable and fast-growing, but most importantly, it’s the perfect material for paint jobs because it produces an excellent finish.

Poplar shutters are a top choice for manufacturers around the world. Plantation shutters made of poplar wood hold paint and enamel well, making them durable and long-lasting. Their medium density, low shock resistance, bending, and stiffness make them strong and stable.

Plantation shutters are the latest craze, but they’re often expensive. Poplar is an excellent choice for plantation shutters because it can be found abundantly and is less expensive than basswood. Our popular shutters are available in a full selection of slat sizes, colors, and frames.

Paulownia Shutters

Paulownia shutters wood has a fine knot-free grain making it the perfect wood for painting or staining. Paulownia is a lightweight, durable, fast-growing hardwood sourced from Northern Asia. Although it’s hardwood, it is approx. 1/3 lighter in weight, when compared to other hardwoods, makes it an excellent choice for Tier-on Tier or wider openings.

Paulownia shutters are painted with UV stabilizing paint, protecting them from the elements of sunlight. The two types of Paulownia shutters are mono or dual closures. Mono closures are block-painted colors matching Basswood and PVC shutters. Dual closures are finished with a “Rustic” finish, which resembles a whitewash finish.

How Much Do Wood Shutters Interior Cost?

Interior wood shutters have been a popular choice for window treatments for decades. They’re simple and beautiful, although some are more expensive than others. Below, we’ll look at a few different factors that can affect the price of your wooden shutters and talk about what you can do to keep them as cheap as possible.

Average Price of Wood Shutters Interior

The average homeowner pays between $1500 to $4000 for wood shutters. The price of the shutters will vary depending on the type of product, size, number of windows, and whether or not installation is included. You can get a better idea of how much shutters will cost by looking at the average price per square foot (roughly $30). The first step to estimating how much your shutters will cost is to determine the size of your windows.

Three Key Factors Affect The Price of Your Wooden Shutters

Shutter prices can vary widely depending on the type of shutter, the size of your windows, and who you hire to install them. Below are three key factors that influence prices.

Shutter Material

The material used in the plantation shutter is the main factor in determining overall pricing for wood shutters.

  • Real wood: Real wood is the most expensive option for plantation shutter manufacturing because it provides a unique, natural wood grain look.
  • Composite wood: This material is a high-tech composition of wood and polymer to make an attractive, durable shutter. If you want something that looks painted while being durable, composite wood shutters are a good choice.

Shutter Shapes and Size

Pricing for wooden shutters is also dependent on the size and shape that a particular customer needs. For example, if a person needs a really small or large window, they might need specialty shutters, which may be pricier.

Shutter Installation

The final thing to remember is that shutter prices can include services like measuring the windows and installing the shutters. Shutters must fit perfectly into the window frames, so installation is more complex than other window treatment options. You may be quoted a slightly higher fee if the house has anything that makes installation difficult, like old windows or hard-to-reach windows.

However, if you have the time and DIY experience, you could measure and install the shutters yourself. Shutters are a complex window treatment, but they are designed to be user-friendly for DIYers. It may save you money on installation costs, but you will lack some advanced design options available through professional installation.

Tips for Saving Your Cost on Interior Wood Shutters

You love the idea of shutters but don’t love the idea of extra costs. Follow these tips to lower your interior shutter costs:

  • Install vinyl shutters in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas. You can get them for much less money, and they don’t warp in moist settings.
  • Wood shutters are often discounted around big holidays, so it might be worth waiting for that time to buy.
  • Combine installation and materials to save more! Bundle your purchase together to have one company do the installation and material procurement for you. You’ll usually get a better price than if you got services from two different companies.
  • Some homeowners put shutters on the front of their homes to increase the curb appeal of their homes without having to redo their entire window treatment.

How To Care for Your Wood Shutters Interior

Maintaining your wood shutter’s interior is crucial for long-term utility. Regularly cleaning them is the key. You should vacuum, dust, or use a dry fiber cloth once per week. It’s typically best to avoid soapy water or harsh cleaning materials, as they may damage the finish. Cleaning your shutters is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your investment in the long run.

how to clean wood shutters interior

Wood shutters are a popular choice among window treatments and for good reasons. They improve the home’s design in all sorts of ways. There are plenty of ways to offset the cost of real wood shutters, so don’t let their higher price dissuade you from getting them. If you’re willing to invest in them, they can make your home stylish and comfortable for years to come. 

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