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The factory covers a wide range of faux wood plantation shutters and natural wood plantation shutters to suit the design and function of every window and door. Bring us a piece of shutter component or suggestion of an exact function, and we can help in the reverse design process and match your specifications without wasting your time and energy.


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Advanced Wood Shutters Manufacturing Techniques

Consistency is core for every step taken. Goodwood Shutters follows strict industry standards in the cutting, sanding, drilling, painting, staining, and packaging of natural wood plantation shutters’ manufacturing process to get you high-performance products.


Design Software

Using AMI design software for each shutter manufactured by Goodwood is built individually according to your exact orders' specifications.


Primed Twice

All cut-to-size shutter parts are primed twice and hand-sanded before it ever receives one drop of paint to ensures a smooth, even finish.


Special Sealant

Lacquer sanding sealer is applied to provide smoothness and hand-sanded before the final coats of clear lacquer.


Dowel Construction

Premium dowel construction is applied for shutter manufacturing. All joined ends are snugly connected with wooden dowels.

Steps In Our Wood Shutters Manufacturing Process


Forming & Sanding

how to make interior wood shutters

Hot-pressing process molding and use sanding machine to ensure its smoothness.


Primer Coating

How to make interior wood shutters?

Applying a primer coat before painting to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint



Drying out the white primed moldings to ensure their stability and moisture resistance.



How to make interior wood shutters?

Applying a second polishing to ensure a good finish before spray painting.


Second Coating

How to make interior wood shutters?

Applying a second primer coating to ensure there is a good bond between the paint and the shutter profiles.


Cutting & Drilling

How to make interior wood shutters?

Follow the exact order requirements of the drawings confirmed by the customer and then cut them into shutter parts.



How to make interior wood shutters?

Send the cut to size shutter profiles to the assembly workshop, and put them together. 



Send the assembled shutters to the spray room for hand painting. After drying, transferred to the packing.


Steps In Our PVC Shutters Manufacturing Process



PVC granule is mixed with wood powder to extrude after high-temperature hot melt and enter molding. Out form bar-shaped plates through supercooled water sizing from molding.



Put the semi-finished product into the automatic painting production line for painting using a factory-applied polyurethane coating method. Then goes to the dryer for drying before cutting.



The PVC extruded profile is cut into the corresponding lengths of the louver, frame, rail, and stile. Then, use a punching machine to carry out the punching process of the cut-to-size profiles.



Send the semi-finished profiles to the assembly workshop. Flatpacks are utilized for packing our shutter pieces to save on costs and increase the amount of container loading.

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