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Maximize your margins and elevate your window treatment offerings with premium plantation shutters sourced directly from our Chinese factory.

Higher Quality

A product defect rate of 1%, with a goal of zero defects.

Better Pricing

A price range of $7 per square foot for high-quality shutters.

Shorter Lead Time

A lead time of 2-3 weeks, with a goal of 7 days of production.

Wholesale Plantation Shutters Factory Direct

Your reliable factory-direct source for premium plantation shutters. Our production facilities are located in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Shandong. Experience the benefits of factory-direct pricing without sacrificing quality or reliability. Partner with us today and see the difference for yourself.


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Invest in Advanced Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Unlock your potential and revolutionize your window treatment offerings with advanced plantation shutter manufacturing. Elevate your business above the competition and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. Invest in the future of your business today.


Develop New Technology

Involves minimizing time, effort, and resources by eliminating waste, improving workflows, and streamlining processes to produce high-quality products.


Implement TQM Strategies

Involves continuous improvement of product quality, customer satisfaction, and employee involvement through data analysis and process improvements.


Customer Orientation

Meeting customer needs and expectations through tailored products and services is critical for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Employee Training Program

Regular employee training and development can improve skills, knowledge, and productivity, increasing efficiency and product quality.

Steps In Our Wood Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

This is what we do when it comes to making wood plantation shutters:


Forming & Sanding

Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Hot-pressing process molding and use sanding machine to ensure its smoothness.


Primer Coating

Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Applying coat before painting to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint



Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Drying out the moldings to ensure their stability and moisture resistance.



Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Apply polishing process to ensure a smooth surface and dust removal.


Second Coating

Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Applying a second coating to ensure there is a good bond between paint and shutters.


Second Polishing

Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Applying a second polishing to ensure a good finish before spray painting.


Cutting & Assembling

Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Shutter profiles got cut to sizes and put together to make up a shutter.


Painting & Packing

cost of plantation shutters

Send the assembled shutters to the spray room for hand painting before packing.

Steps In Our PVC Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

This is what we do when it comes to making PVC plantation shutters:



Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

PVC granule is mixed with wood powder to extrude after high-temperature hot melt and enter molding. Out form bar-shaped plates through supercooled water sizing from molding.



Plantation Shutters Manufaccturing

Put the semi-finished product into the automatic painting production line, using a factory-applied polyurethane coating method. Then goes to the dryer for drying before cutting.



plantation shutters from china

Follow the order requirements of the drawings and then cut them into shutter parts, use a punching machine to carry out the punching process of the cut-to-size profiles.



plantation shutters china

Send the semi-finished profiles to the assembly workshop. Flatpacks are utilized for packing our shutter pieces to save on costs and increase the amount of container loading.

The Best Material for Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Discover the ideal blend of quality and affordability with our custom plantation shutters. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each shutter using top-quality materials and advanced techniques. We take pride in maintaining stringent standards for every shutter we produce. Additionally, our wooden shutters are FSC-certified, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Plantation Shutters Wholesale Manufacturers

Ash Shutters

High-end wooden range features exquisite Russian imported white ash, renowned for its popularity among British customers.

Solid Panel Shutters

Poplar Shutters

Available in various styles and finishes, including paint and stain options. Poplar is a preferred choice for solid panel shutters.

Plantation Shutters Wholesale Manufacturers

Basswood Shutters

For a sought-after and versatile option, our Basswood shutters are an excellent choice in shutter manufacturing.

best plantation shutters brand

Paulownia Shutters

If you’re seeking quality timber shutters at a more affordable price point, Paulownia shutter range is an ideal option.

basswood wood

Pine Shutters

Imported from New Zealand, Monterey Pine shutters offer a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

PVC Shutters

PVC Shutters

Designed to withstand moisture and guarantee no peeling, warping, or fading, our PVC shutters are reliable.

The Inspections of Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

We maintain a precise and thorough process at every stage, from meticulous material selection to rigorous final inspections. Our dedicated team ensures that each product meets our exceptionally high standards before it reaches your hands – partner with us to provide your customers with superior plantation shutters and experience the ultimate quality assurance.

Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Visual Inspection

The shutters are visually inspected to ensure that there are no visible defects such as cracks, chips, or dents.

Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Functionality Check

The shutters are checked for the movement of the louvers, the opening and closing, and the locking mechanisms.

Plantation Shutters Suppliers

Dimensional Check

The shutters are checked for proper dimensions, including the overall size, louvers' width, and spacing.

Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Finish Check

Shutters undergo rigorous inspections to ensure a smooth and uniform finish on the painted or stained surfaces.

Plantation Shutters Suppliers

Packaging Check

Carefully inspect our shutters to ensure they are packaged correctly and include all necessary accessories.

Plantation Shutters Suppliers

Shipping Check

Ensure the shutters are loaded onto the shipping truck safely and securely for worry-free transportation.

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