Ash Shutters

We chose the Russian imported white ash for our high-end level of wooden shutters range, which is most commonly favored by the British market.

Product Details

  • Wood Species: Ash Wood (Origin: Russia)
  • Finishes & Colors: Available in 13 different paint colors and 27 stain options, Custom Matching.
  • Louver Size: 44.5 for maximum view and minimum cleaning, 3.5 traditional plantation size, 2.5 colonial styles.
  • Tilt Rods: Traditional, hidden tilt rods, and clear view.
  • Frame Styles: Inside Mounted L Frame, Outside Mounted L Frame, Z Frame, Z Frame With Sill Piece, Decorative Outside Mount Frame, Decorative Outside Mount Frame With Sill Piece.
  • Loading Quantity: 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 270/560/630 m2.


Plantation shutters made of ash wood are a popular choice for adding a touch of elegance and functionality to windows. Ashwood is known for its durability, strength, and attractive grain patterns, making it suitable for various interior design styles.

Here are some key features and benefits of plantation shutters made of ash wood:

  • Durability: Ash wood is known for its toughness and resistance to wear and tear, making it a durable option for shutters that can withstand regular use.
  • Strength: Ash wood has excellent structural integrity, making it a sturdy shutter material. It can handle the stresses of daily operation and is less prone to warping or bending.
  • Attractive Grain: Ash wood often features a visually appealing grain pattern, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the shutters. The natural variations in the wood grain add character and depth to the overall design.
  • Versatility: Ash wood can be easily stained or painted to achieve the desired finish, allowing customization to match any interior décor style. Whether you prefer a natural wood look or a painted finish, ash shutters offer versatility in appearance.
  • Light Control and Privacy: Plantation shutters, including those made of ash wood, provide excellent control over light and privacy. The adjustable louvers allow you to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the room while maintaining privacy.
  • Insulation: Ash wood shutters can also contribute to energy efficiency by adding insulation to your windows. They can reduce heat loss during colder months and block out excessive heat during the summer, potentially leading to energy savings.

When considering plantation shutters made of ash wood, choosing a reputable manufacturer or supplier is important to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and proper installation. Proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning and occasional refinishing, can also help prolong the life and appearance of the shutters.

The Production Process of Wood Plantation Shutters

This is what we do when it comes to making wood plantation shutters:


Material Selection

Material Selection

Choose high-quality wood plantation components that are durable and aesthetically pleasing.



Interior Plantation Shutters Suppliers

Cut the components into the appropriate sizes according to the measurements of the windows or doors.




Assemble the components using woodworking joinery techniques, such as mortise and tenon or dowel joints.




Sand the assembled shutters to smooth out any rough edges or surfaces. Prepare them for painting.


Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Apply stains, paints, or clear coats to the shutters to enhance their appearance and protect them from moisture and UV damage.



wholesale plantation shutters

Let the shutters dry completely. Depending on the type of treatment and the weather conditions, it may take several hours or days.


Quality Control

Quality Check

Implement stringent quality control measures throughout manufacturing to uphold strength, durability, and appearance standards.




Cushion the shutters with bubble wrap, cardboard, or foam. Label the packages with the order number, customer name, and address.

The Inspection of Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

We maintain a precise and thorough process at every stage, from meticulous material selection to rigorous final inspections. Our dedicated team ensures that each product meets our exceptionally high standards before it reaches your hands – partner with us to provide your customers with superior plantation shutters and experience the ultimate quality assurance.

quality control

Visual Inspection

The shutters are visually inspected to ensure that there are no visible defects such as cracks, chips, or dents.

Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Functionality Check

The shutters are checked for the movement of the louvers, the opening and closing, and the locking mechanisms.

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Dimensional Check

The shutters are checked for proper dimensions, including the overall size, louvers' width, and spacing.

Plantation Shutter Manufacturing

Finish Check

Shutters undergo rigorous inspections to ensure a smooth and uniform finish on the painted or stained surfaces.


Packaging Check

Carefully inspect our shutters to ensure they are packaged correctly and include all necessary accessories.


Shipping Check

Ensure the shutters are loaded onto the shipping truck safely and securely for worry-free transportation.

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