Bay Window Shutters

No matter the size, angle, or shape, we can design and manufacture plantation shutters to fit any type of bay window!

Bay Window Shutters Interior

As one of the reliable shutter makers in the market, utilize strict screening on all raw materials and follow a comprehensive QC process. Our attention to detail ensures that all of our shutters can satisfy your clients.

You can easily tap into various target markets with our extensive custom shutter options on shutter materials, colors, louver sizes, and frame styles for a look that best suits any home style and interior decor.

Best of all, plantation shutters do not require special rails or rods to hang above or beside your bay windows, allowing you to enjoy the full view of your bay windows. 

Plantation Shutters Wholesale

Advantages of Bay Window Shutters

Whether your bay or bow window is a small nook of a bedroom or the core of a living room, shutters help show all the style and practicality of your unique window while maintaining ultimate privacy and providing better durability than any other window treatment.

Custom made plantation shutters for bay windows will not only fit your practical needs but will also create the warm, cozy atmosphere you and your family so desperately desire. Today, plantation shutters are as popular as ever, not just for their ability to manage heat loss, light, security, and privacy for the homes today, but for their elegant and timeless look.

Expand Vision

They give you the maximal visual impact from inside or out, giving your space a streamlined and stellar finish.

Timeless Style

A great choice for decorating sapces, they can be altered to suit any design scheme and present a timeless look.

Sound Insulation

They have thick louvers, and frames that form a tight seal can help create an absorbing barrier across the window.

Custom Options

We offer a wide selection of shutter materials, colors, louver sizes, frame styles for a look that best suits any decor.

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Our real successful plantation shutter projects may help you get good ideas.


Let boost your shutter business today!

Goodwood Shutters have been in the business of wholesale plantation shutters in China for over 20 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality custom plantation shutters.

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