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Looking for a reliable shutters manufacturer in China? Look no further! Our plantation shutters are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Manufacturing Base
Daily Output
1 %
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About Goodwood Shutters

Leading manufacturer of plantation shutters equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Shandong. This allows us to provide prompt services to our valued international clients efficiently.

Goodwood is a long-term provider to trade suppliers, resellers, and millwork manufacturers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and Malaysia.

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Trust Goodwood to exceed your expectations with its unwavering commitment to excellence.

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plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china

Production capacity

We can produce 10,000+ custom shutters to meet the market's monthly demand.

Competitive pricing

We offer a 10% lower factory price for wholesale shutters, which is reasonable and fair.

Short lead times

A competitive lead time for shutters is 25 days from the time of order confirmation to delivery.

Low defect rate

Our defect rate of plantation shutters is less than 1%, with a goal of zero defects.

High-Quality Materials

Plantation Shutters Manufacturers Wholesale

Basswood Shutters

The Most Popular Choice

Paulownia Shutters

The Most Cost-effective Range

PVC Shutters

Aluminum Core Reinforcement

Three Steps to Success

Make Your Buying Experience A Smooth and Hassle-free One

Our three-step approach includes expert consultation to help you choose suitable materials and designs, seamless order processing and production to ensure timely delivery and ongoing support to address any questions or concerns.


Conducting a consultation

We listen to your business and customers’ needs and may consult with you to discuss your requirements and requests.


Offering custom solutions

We customize solutions to fit your business needs, including shutter material, design, and finishing options based on the consultation.


Ongoing support

We offer continuous support throughout the ordering and delivery process, providing regular updates on shipment status to ensure timely delivery.

Tailor Shutters for Windows & Doors

We understand that every customer has unique requirements and preferences, so we offer various customization options. You can choose from multiple shutter materials, color shades, design styles, and sizes to ensure that your shutters perfectly complement your customer’s home or business.

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