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About Goodwood

Goodwood Shutters, a leading wholesale manufacturer of high-quality plantation shutter components and fully assembled shutters, leverages its expertise in production and export to assist trade partners in seamless output and import from China. We supply to assemblers and manufacturers seeking quality shutter components, importers and distributors ensuring a steady supply chain, retailers and resellers selling finished shutters to end consumers, and wholesalers distributing shutters in bulk to smaller retailers.

What We Do

Crafting Excellence in Every Shutter

We offer a comprehensive range of products to meet diverse needs, including fully assembled shutters and components. Our meticulously crafted wood and PVC shutters are tailored to fit any residential or commercial interior, providing elegance and durability. Choose from Basswood for sophistication or Paulownia for a budget-friendly option. Additionally, we supply wooden and poly shutter components, ensuring manufacturers and assemblers have reliable materials for seamless production. Our components are customizable and delivered with precision to meet your exact specifications.

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Why Choose Us?

Your Trusted Partner in Plantation Shutters Manufacturing

Discover the benefits of partnering with Goodwood Shutters and see how we can enhance your business operations.


Tailored Solutions

Our wood and PVC shutters, available in durable Basswood and budget-friendly Paulownia, can be customized for any interior, ensuring high standards with a less than 1.02% defect rate.


Efficient Production

With your orders ready within 7-12 days after a 20GP container is filled and monthly capacities of 30 wood and 70 poly shutter containers, we guarantee timely and cost-effective delivery.



We manage the entire logistics process, offer flexible payment methods, and provide substantial cost savings through our efficient manufacturing and seamless delivery solutions.

Your Success is Our Priority

Partnering with Goodwood Shutters ensures you have a dependable partner to deliver top-tier plantation shutters and components. We excel in meeting your customers’ needs by offering high-quality products, efficient services, and substantial cost savings. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, assembler, or distributor, we provide the essential support and products to help your business flourish.

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Partner with Goodwood Shutters for Seamless Supply Chain Solutions

At Goodwood Shutters, we are dedicated to supporting our trade partners every step of the way. Our comprehensive services are designed to address your specific needs and ensure smooth operations.

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Step into the world of excellence and refinement as we unveil the intricate craftsmanship behind a leading plantation shutter manufacturer. With a legacy of artistry and attention to detail, this esteemed brand has captured the essence of timeless elegance in every shutter they create.

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