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Searching for a reliable wholesale shutter manufacturer in China? We specialize in customized solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of our trade partners.

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About Goodwood Shutters

Goodwood, a renowned wholesale manufacturer of premium exterior and interior shutters, boasts cutting-edge production facilities in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Shandong. With an extensive track record, Goodwood has established itself as a trusted and reliable supplier to window treatment trade suppliers, resellers, and millwork manufacturers across various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and Malaysia.

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plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china
plantation shutters manufacturers in china

Wholesale Pricing

Enjoy competitive pricing for bulk orders, ensuring you receive high-quality products while staying within your budget.


Customize your shutters with personalized measurements, finishes, and designs to match your unique preferences.

Timely Delivery

Reliable shipping services ensure your shutters arrive promptly and in excellent condition, keeping your project on schedule.

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Obtain prompt and transparent quotes for your shutter needs, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

High-Quality Materials

Plantation Shutters Manufacturers Wholesale

Basswood Shutters

The Most Popular Choice

Paulownia Shutters

The Most Cost-effective Range

PVC Shutters

Aluminum Core Reinforcement

Goodwood Services to Success

Make Your Buying Experience A Smooth and Hassle-free One

Our team is committed to creating tailored exterior shutters that match your vision. We bring your concept to life, focusing on distinct finishes, custom colors, intricate patterns, and decorative embellishments.


In-house Production

Our advanced facilities and skilled craftsmen ensure efficient production and strict quality control for large orders.


OEM & ODM Services

We can create shutters under your brand or need to develop new designs based on your specific requirements.



We provide international shipping services to deliver our shutters safely to customers worldwide in a timely manner.

Tailor Shutters for Wholesale Trade

We specialize in tailoring shutters specifically for wholesale trade. Our focus is on providing high-quality, customizable shutters that meet our wholesale partners’ unique requirements and demands. Our expertise and dedication to excellence ensure that our wholesale customers receive top-notch shutters perfectly suited to their business needs.

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