Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Our vinyl shutters are with aluminum core reinforcement. Choose from hidden tilt bar and standard tilt bar. We have a variety of frames available.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters From China

We manufacture only 100% Aluminum Reinforced plantation shutters specifically handcrafted for windows and doors. Dozens of custom frame options are available at competitive prices.

Our PVC shutters are manufactured from solid poly components with an aluminum core running through the entire shutter. Their main advantage is cost. They’re also weather-resistant and good in high-moisture areas.

The paint on the shutters has been baked onto the surface of the components in an industrial oven. This method ensures a long-lasting glossy finish, guaranteed never fade, chip or yellow.

Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Advantages of Vinyl Plantation Shutters

A high-quality PVC shutter has a smooth, painted look that mimics the look of painted white wood shutters. It has a co-extruded aluminum core that makes it easy to assemble with screws and gives it a wide panel. PVC shutters are moisture-resistant and withstand the high-altitude sun.

Our best vinyl plantation shutters are made from a solid polymer material with each blade and framing with an aluminum core inset for enhancing its durability even on larger size panels. 

Reinforced plantation shutters give you a very strong, rigid, durable shutter that is easy to maintain and guaranteed not to bow, warp, peel, crack, or need repainting.

High Durability

Made from a premium polymer material and reinforced with an aluminum core.

Sound Insulation

PVC shutters can help create an extra barrier between your home and the outside world.


Made from polymer material with a toxic-free certification and product warranty.


Made of water-resistant material to stains and mildew, or bits of oil and food.

Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters

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Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters
Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters
Best Vinyl Plantation Shutters

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Goodwood Shutters have been in the business of wholesale plantation shutters in China for over 20 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality custom plantation shutters.

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