Blackout Plantation Shutters

Our blackout plantation shutters are available in three wood ranges Pine, Poplar, and Basswood.

Plantation Shutters With Integrated Blackout Blinds

We have further strengthened the blackout efficiency of the plantation shutters, and we are so proud to be the first shutter manufacturer that achieves as close to complete blackout as possible in China.

The combination of blinds and shutters is perfect for bedroom windows – especially baby’s nurseries. The blackout options ensure you get the best balance between light, privacy, and noise reduction.

With a specially designed frame that creates integrated blinds, this product allows protection on two different levels. There are two layers of protection with the addition of a blind behind the shutter panel.

Blackout Plantation Shutters

Advantages of Blackout Plantation Shutters for Room Darkening

It’s time to make your home as dark as possible, and it all starts with a specially designed frame that houses a blackout honeycomb blind. The shutter panel, which is specially designed to fit integrated blackout honeycomb blinds, provides two layers of protection.

This system has a blind behind the shutter panel, providing an extra layer of protection for your privacy and light control. Blackouts work great for night workers, nurseries, and any other space that needs complete light-blocking.

If you’re looking for a window treatment that offers both light control and style, consider plantation shutters with blinds. This combination is ideal for bedrooms, especially nurseries, as it allows you to manage light throughout the day and night without sacrificing the look. Plus, plantation shutters come with child safety features to give you peace of mind.

100% Blackout

Blackout blinds in recessed channels behind Plantation Shutters eliminate external light bleed.

Stylish Decor

A great choice for decorating sapces, can be altered to suit any design and present a timeless look.

Easy To Use

Adjust the shutter louvers and pull up the blackout blind, and the natural light will filter into the room.

Custom Colors

15 colors are available in integrated blinds to complement any home decor with a neutral street-facing color.

Plantation Shutters with Built-in Blackout Blinds

Our real successful blackout plantation shutter projects may help you get good ideas.

blackout plantation shutters
blackout plantation shutters
blackout plantation shutters

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blackout plantation shutters

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