Ash Shutters

In-house crafted hand-stained ashwood shutters are available in a wide range of finishes and colors. Ashwood shutters are unique plantation-style shutters with a warm, rich finish and sophisticated design. 

Product Information

  • Wood Species: Ash Wood (Origin: Russia)
  • Finishes & Colors: Available in 13 different paint colors and 27 stain options, Custom Matching.
  • Louver Size: 44.5 for maximum view and minimum cleaning, 3.5 traditional plantation size, 2.5 colonial styles.
  • Tilt Rods: Traditional, hidden tilt rods, and clear view.
  • Frame Styles: Inside Mounted L Frame, Outside Mounted L Frame, Z Frame, Z Frame With Sill Piece, Decorative Outside Mount Frame, Decorative Outside Mount Frame With Sill Piece.
  • Loading Quantity: 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 270/560/630 square meters.


They bring a decorative element to any windows and doors while helping to protect your privacy. Ash is a very high-grade and expensive wood, which grows in Russia, North America, and parts of Europe. Most of the ash in my country is imported wood. The wood is straight and has a uniform rough texture. It is suitable for processing and polishing. It is mainly used to produce high-end luxury furniture. If you’re looking for a stunning range of premium hardwood shutters with fantastic grain definition, rich patinas, and beautiful wood finishes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ash Wood Shutters Pros:

  • Ashwood has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to be processed into furniture. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also has a high gloss. The textures on the surface can be clearly seen, and it is very smooth.
  • Due to the high density and high load-bearing capacity of ash wood, furniture made of ash wood has a high hardness and strength. Generally, if you want to buy solid wood furniture for holding collections, you will choose ash wood to make.

Ash Wood Shutters Cons:

  • Ash is very scarce, so the price of products made from it is very expensive, and not everyone can accept its price.
  • Ash is not great for painting thus limiting your customization options.
  • The processing technology requirements of ash are very high. Because the drying performance of ash wood is relatively poor. If the drying treatment of the ash is not handled properly, it is prone to cracking and deformation.

Our Wood Shutters Range’s Advantages

True Tenons

Our premium quality ashwood shutters have a minimum of 4 hardwood tenons. The end of each rail is painstakingly machined to have a 1/2″ X 1 7/8″ tenon by a custom-built tenoning machine.

Deep Pocket Mortises

Each stile is precision machined with a minimum of two deep pocket mortises. These mortises perfectly fit the associated tenon. The mortise tenon joint is the strongest joint in millwork and adds tremendous strength, even without glue.

Hardwood Dowels

The tenon and mortise are put together, and a hole is drilled through the mortise and the tenon. Hardwood dowel is driven into the hole, locking the tenon into the mortise for the life of the shutter.

Surface Treatment

We use the highest grade hard-wearing Polyurethane(PU) paints and stains to ensure stability and long-term wear and tear. All colors are UV resistant, environmentally friendly, low VOC.

Hand Assembly

The craftsmen fit each wooden shutter part together in a specialized Jia for dry fitting and final assembly. We do not use pneumatic or hydraulic clamps as they can damage or over-stress the wood. 

Steps In Our Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturing Process


Forming & Sanding

Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Hot-pressing process molding and use sanding machine to ensure its smoothness.


Primer Coating

Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Applying a primer coat before painting to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint.



Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Drying out the white primed moldings to ensure their stability and moisture resistance.



Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Applying a second polishing to ensure a good finish before spray painting.


Second Coating

Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Applying a second primer coating to ensure there is a good bond between the paint and the shutter profiles.


Cutting & Drilling

How to make interior wood shutters?

Follow the exact order requirements of the drawings confirmed by the customer and then cut them into shutter parts.



Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Send the cut to size shutter profiles to the assembly workshop, and put them together. 



Wood Plantation Shutters Manufacturer

Send the assembled shutters to the spray room for hand painting. After drying, transferred to the packing.

Tests Made Throughout the Production

PVC Shutters

Dimensional accuracy

Dimension error should be within 1mm for the inside mount series and 2mm for the outside mount series. Each stile straight, components connected, no obvious dislocation and deformation of the panels.

PVC Shutters

Color Matching

The color of the finished shutters (including the brightness) are matches the standard color swatch confirmed by the customer. If no color swatch, the customer needs to confirm the color swatch made by the factory.

PVC Shutters

Structural Inspection

The plantation shutter structure is consistent with the drawing confirmed by the customers, the louver clearance is uniform, and there is no visible abrupt light transmission after closing the shutter.

PVC Shutters

Diagonal Accuracy

We check the details like frames, louvers, gaps, reductions of shutters after the assembling process. Measuring the two diagonal angles of the shutter to make sure the shutter is square and not skewed.

Marking and Packing for Transportation

PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters

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