How To Use Plantation Shutters as Room Dividers

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Plantation shutters are a more affordable alternative to walls and let you tailor your space as required. These shutters offer a holistic approach to dividing your space without isolating the people that live there by letting you separate rooms without complete, permanent isolation. They can be an invaluable tool when you have children or pets – you can talk to them and see what they’re up to while keeping them safe. 

Sliding Door Shutters

If you’re looking for a way to divide up a large room in your home, plantation shutters are a great option. They’re attractive and easy to install, and they can be opened and closed as needed to create separate spaces. Here are a few tips on how to use plantation shutters as room dividers in your home.

Why Should You Use Plantation Shutters as Room Dividers?

Whether you’re relaxing, studying, cooking, cleaning, or entertaining, it is often nice to have a convenient space in your home that can be privately occupied at any time. Room divider plantation shutters let one turn any area into a private refuge with access to abundant light – but also fold away neatly when required.

Sliding Door Shutters

Shutters are an excellent way to amp up the functionality of your home. 

Room divider shutters are a fantastic way to tailor your living space to suit your needs in a variety of ways. Whether you want to turn part of your living room into a library, create a dining area in your kitchen, or give some privacy to your bedroom when you are entertaining, they are the answer. 

Shutters are a great way to create boundaries in a family home.

Children playing can be delightful to listen to, but sometimes it’s helpful to separate oneself from noise and commotion. Shutters offer privacy without making it feel like you’re shutting out what’s happening in the rest of the house. You can still hear what’s going on, and if you want, you can angle the louvers to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Shutters can control the right amount of light and privacy in your room.

Today, many people are choosing to live in open-plan homes. And the ground floor of the home is one large space that contains the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Having an open floor plan can be great for entertaining guests and making the most of your space. 

However, if your home is overlooked by neighbors or has a lot of foot traffic passing by, it can feel like you have no privacy. Shutters can be a great way to add some privacy to your home while still allowing natural light to come in. By carefully angling the slats on your shutters, you can take control of how much privacy you have.

Shutters are a cost-effective option to use as room dividers.

If you’re looking to make some changes to your home but don’t want to break the bank, shutters are a great option. They’re endlessly adaptable and can be installed without any major structural considerations, meaning you’ll get an outstanding finished result at a fraction of the price compared to building work.

Shutters are available to custom color match your decoration style.

As standard, you can select from a range of colors and shades that have been curated with care. This includes natural wood stains and neutral pale shades, as well as deep and striking shades like black, grey, and brown. You’ll also notice that many of our plantation shutters come with a custom color option – giving you even more choices!

Where Can You Use Plantation Shutters as Room Dividers?

If you’re looking for a way to change up your living space without dealing with the hassle of getting planning permission for an extension, plantation shutters are a great option. They’re affordable, durable, and can help you make the most of your space. Plus, they’re much less disruptive than traditional building work. So if you’re looking for a way to transform your home, plantation shutters are worth considering.

best plantation shutters brand
best plantation shutters brand

Here are some creative ways to use plantation shutters as room dividers.

Use plantation shutters to divide a living room.

Plantation shutters can be a beautiful way to divide a large living space into a dining area and living room. With a variety of different style options available, you can find the perfect look for your home. Tracked shutters are a great option if you want to be able to open and close the dividers as needed. The panels can be easily folded back when you need to open up the room for a large gathering or party.

Use plantation shutters to divide a bathroom or ensuite.

If you’re looking to add an ensuite bathroom to your home, one option you may want to consider is installing shutters. Not only are they stylish, but shutters can also save you time and money. By closing off your ensuite or bathroom with a shutter, you can create a more seamless look (which is especially important in smaller rooms). Plus, this ensures that you have full privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

Use plantation shutters to divide a large balcony.

Shutter doors are one of the most common uses for plantation shutters, as they provide a stylish and functional way to divide space, regulate light and noise, and add an extra layer of insulation. Whether you have a large balcony or patio doors, plantation shutters can provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Use plantation shutters to create a play area.

Create a fun and functional children’s play area in your living room by using a natural dividing point to section off a space just for them. By opening the louvers, you can easily keep an eye on playtime while relaxing in your favorite chair on the other side. And if everyone wants to join in the fun, the panels can be pulled back to regain your open-plan living space.

Use plantation shutters to ventilate the kitchen.

Adding shutters to your kitchen threshold is a great way to keep the space closed off, perfect for surprise meals or some alone time. They also help ventilate the kitchen and prevent strong smells from escaping and spreading throughout the house. Hardwood shutters are also durable and easy to clean if they get dirty or oily.

Use plantation shutters to create a workspace.

If you work from home, it’s important to create a dedicated workspace to help you stay focused and avoid distractions. One way to do this is by using a plantation shutter room divider to divide up an existing room. It can help you delineate between recreational and work areas in your home and can be especially useful if you have children who are studying for exams and need a quiet, secluded space to focus.

Use plantation shutters to create a utility space.

Laundry is one of those mundane tasks that no one really wants to think about. But if your washing machine is out in the open, it can make your kitchen feel cluttered and busy. A better solution is to keep your utility area hidden away with a beautiful, bespoke fitted room divider. This way, you can enjoy a more spacious kitchen without all the visual clutter.

Use plantation shutters as practical wardrobe doors.

While many people believe that shutters are only for windows, wardrobe door shutters can actually be a great addition to your bedroom. These shutters can be customized to match your home’s existing decor, and when closed, they help conceal any items stored inside the wardrobe. Whether you have a large or small space to work with, wardrobe door shutters are a great solution for adding function and flair to your home.

How To Choose Plantation Shutters Style as Room Dividers?

Room dividers are a great way to create privacy in any space. They can be used to divide large rooms or kitchens, provide changing areas around pools, or simply add a bit of privacy anywhere needed. There are many different styles and types of room dividers available, so finding the perfect one for your space is easy. Whether you are looking for a traditional divider or something more modern, there is sure to be a room divider that will suit your needs.

  • Bi-Fold Shutters – Made from separate panels that fold neatly against the wall when not in use, gives you the option to choose how much light you want to let in. There is also a free-floating version of this type of shutter, which allows pairs of shutter panels to slide, giving you even more control over the level of light and privacy in your home;
  • Bi-Pass Shutters – These are an attractive and functional way to divide up a room or add some privacy to your wardrobe! These shutters slide back and forth on a track, so they take up less space than bi-fold shutters and can be used as partial room dividers;
  • Full Height Solid Panel Shutters – A full-height solid panel might be just what you need! These panels are popular for covering small hatches between rooms but can also be used as room dividers in a more traditional sense;
  • Tier-on-Tier Shutters – Come with louvers that give the option of having the shutters partly open. A tilt rod is attached to each louver, giving the user complete flexibility over how much light and air comes into the room. Traditionally used for hatches, this style can also be used to keep an eye on young children playing while still providing privacy.

Room dividers are a great way to add privacy to a space while still being able to open up the room when needed. Goodwood Shutters offers made-to-measure shutter room dividers that come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles to fit any need. Whether you’re looking for a solid shutter to divide a room completely or just some louvers to provide a little privacy, Goodwood Shutters has you covered.

Transform Your Open Space With Shutter Room Dividers

Room dividers are an excellent way to get the best of both worlds: you can use a room divider to create separate rooms, while still maintaining an open-planned layout. Room dividers are perfect for creating quiet spaces or areas for work or study. They’re also a great option if you just need some extra privacy in your home. 

They allow you to create separate rooms without needing to spend money on added walls and they’re easy to install. It also offers the option to have it open plan, so that you can interact with people in the area. You can just open the louvers to see in, and being able to talk to your loved ones while they’re confined is a godsend. Other shutter systems like a tier-on tier or cafe style would allow even more versatile setups as well.

Custom Designed Plantation Shutters as Room Dividers

Room dividers are an integral part of interior design, and in many cases, they’re all our home needs to elevate the style. Whether you need a beach house room divider or a sliding door to separate your living space, rest assured that we offer only the highest quality glass and wood options for every room, no matter what style you’re after. In fact, if you can picture it, we can build it.

Stained shutters are brightly colored, but you can choose to go for a natural finish instead. The beauty of real wood is that it seems to change color with the light, giving each room an individual feel. No matter how you want your shutters, you can be sure that they will complement your home perfectly. Ultimately, room dividers are designed to make your living space work better for you and your family.

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