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Goodwood Shutters is a family-owned and operated shutter company with a reputation for dependability. Goodwood Shutters has become one of a handful of primary producers of plantation shutters in China. Having over 20 years of experience in shutter manufacturing and sales services, we have molded our team to take on the challenges and understand changing market trends. 

plantation shutters manufacturers

We focus on creating value through partnerships with several shutters companies worldwide by maintaining a steady supply of made-to-measure interior window shutters of any size according to customer requirements who are window covering trade suppliers, resellers, and millwork manufacturers. We are working in close cooperation with leading brands in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and South Africa to provide an extensive range of high-quality custom made plantation shutters and shutter components at a competitive price.

Development History

1995 – Foundation: Goodwood Shutters started producing OEM interior timber products for Australian wholesale brands.

2007 – Rising: Attracted clients worldwide, becoming one of the industry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

2013 – Expanding: Started a small wood processing plant and grew to become one of the leading producers of top-quality wood components and custom-sized shutter components in China.

2017 – Exploring: In addition to expanding the market opportunities of ready-made size wooden shutters, we have also penetrated our coverage of the custom-made PVC shutters market since 2017 by setting up a partnership alliance covering more than ten manufacturing plants on a national scale.

What Plantation Shutter Materials Do You Carry?

We offer a variety of plantation shutters, ranging from natural wood shutters to waterproof poly shutters. We are proud to provide the best quality in the business, and our products will suit any taste or requirement. Whether you want your shutters to be made of solid wood or waterproof poly, we’ve got it. If you prefer a mixture, we can give you that, too.

White Ash Shutters

White Ash is a type of wood that is unique and visually striking. It has a deep and rich grain that is always visible, even with paint. Window shutters made with white ash wood give a more charismatic appearance than other types of wood.

ash shutters
Ash Shutters

Basswood Shutters

Our basswood shutters are at the top of our line. They are available in a vast range of finishes and are made of one of the most durable types of wood. Basswood shutters have been used for over 30 years to manufacture shutters and blinds, making them the industry standard.

basswood wood
Basswood Shutters

Poplar Shutters

Shutters made from Poplar are a highly-regarded choice among carpenters and do-it-yourselfers. Our Poplar shutters range is available with both paint and stain finish in all shutter styles. Solid shutters are peculiarly popular, as Poplar is an incredibly durable hardwood.

Solid Panel Shutters
Poplar Shutters

Monterey Pine Shutters

We have got Monterey Pine shutters for you. They are durable, robust, and fast-growing. Plus, they are FSC certified, so you know the timber is sustainable. Monterey Pine is commonly used in flooring, furniture, and fencing because of its medium density.

basswood wood
Pine Shutters

Waterproof Poly Shutters

Thanks to their waterproof composition, these PVC shutters are perfect for any environment with moisture. They’re manufactured using closed-cell composite technology and come with aluminum reinforcements, stainless steel hinges, and matching finishes to our poly shutters range.

PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters

What Kind of Plantation Shutter Styles Do You Manufacture?

Our plantation shutters are available in a variety of styles. Custom-made for any window or door, it’s your choice. Whether you want full-length plantation shutters to cover the entire height of your window, tier-on-tier shutter panels open up extra levels of versatility, or café-style panels to partially cover as desired.

Full Height Shutters

The most popular shutter style is the full height model because of its iconic look, versatility, and robust design. This iconic shutter works well throughout the home and showcases a beautiful design that is sure to transform any space. The panels are framed with a strong frame, which allows for consistency in style and ensures that the shutters are reliable.

Custom Plantation Shutters
Full Height Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters

Café-style shutters cover the lower half of your window and do not go the whole way up. They sit in a 3-sided frame at the bottom of a window, covering either side of both the shutters and the glass window. These shutters are perfect for adding some privacy to your window without completely blocking out light.

Café Style Shutters
Café Style Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters

A common style is the “Full Height” variety. It covers the whole height of the window but with one tier of panels. The Tier on Tier style, however, has two tiers that are completely separated at a certain point up the window. This type of style is popular for bay windows or Living Room windows where you want lots of flexibility with your shutter usage.

Ash Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters

Solid Panel Shutters

If you are looking for a modern take on traditional window shutters, these solid panel shutters are the perfect option. You can choose to cover the full height or any part of the window or even half of the panel with slats. It really is down to your preference—let your creativity shine!

Solid Panel Shutters
Solid Panel Shutters

Odd Shaped Shutters

If you have a tricky-shaped window, shutters can be the best way to take full advantage of it. The best part? You do not have to sacrifice the look of the window behind it or the space as a whole. With made-to-measure shutters, which we specialize in, you can bring out the best of a corner area without a single compromise.

Custom Plantation Shutters
Special Shaped Shutters

Why Choose Goodwood Shutters As your Provider in China?

  • A firm supply chain and in-house manufacturing process lower the production costs;
  • Set up a team of 15 professional QC members to follow up on production monitoring and actual production progress;
  • Our exceptional capabilities keep custom shutters defect rates at an all-time low of 1.3%;
  • Listening to our client needs and customizing our shutters to match market demands.
Plantation Shutters China

How To Process Your Custom Shutter Orders?

  1. You can provide us with the measurements of the windows and doors, or send us a photo of the windows and doors with the measurements, and our team will make it a reality.
  2. Based on a fully understanding of the measurements and photos that you sent to us, we will provide design documentation that you look over to verify within one working day.
  3. We offer a custom color match program at no extra charge. A gallon of paint will be purchased for your order, and a sample will be dipped and mailed to you for confirmation. 
  4. We will prepare all raw materials beforehand to ensure mass production goes on wheels. Manufacturing goes full swing, creating the plantation shutters based on drawings.
  5. Series of tests are done by a quality control team of 15 members who are trained to conduct thorough inspections from raw materials to finished product export packaging.
  6. You are given free choice to arrange your own shipping, or you can also entrust our factory with the logistics service of direct delivery from our local port to your home.

Want to know how we can do business? Let us talk!

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