Trusted QC System

Trained and certified to maintain peak quality in our products, our experts ensure that our products follow industry standards through various inspections and tests. We are committed to efficiency and cost-effectiveness in supplying custom-made plantation shutters to window coverings trade suppliers, resellers, and millwork manufacturers. What sets Goodwood Shutters apart from the competition? We are a vertically integrated manufacturer that can control every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Our craftsmen have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.

QC members with the average industry experience of 10 years.

100% inspection by professional QC staff.

We introduce advanced machines to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Tests Made Throughout the Production

Goodwood Shutters cares what you care about when it comes to quality. We continued to refine the parameters of our shutters and drove the defect rate down to 1.3%. Our quality control teams are certified and trained to conduct thorough inspections on every aspect of production and guarantee that our shutters meet industry standards and perform optimally. Our clients trust our plantation shutters because we build them with attention to detail and using only the best shutter materials, ensuring the shutter will last for years to come.

Wood Inspection

A moisture tester guarantees the specified measurements. 8-12 degrees moisture content is met to the wooden shutter's durability and longer life. All lumber is weather treated and stored in a climate-controlled area at the factory for nine months before electronic kiln drying and removes any unwanted moisture that may cause warping.

natural wood plantation shutters

Finish Inspection

QC teams take color-difference measurements to ensure the shutter colors can fulfill the orders. The color of the finished shutters (including the brightness) are matches the standard color swatch confirmed by the customer. If no color swatch, the customer needs to confirm the color swatch made by the factory.

Tolerance Inspection

We set tight tolerances for all parts to regulate the whole manufacturing process. Dimension error should be within 1mm for the inside mount series and 2mm for the outside mount series. Each stile straight, components connected, no obvious dislocation and deformation of the panels.

faux wood plantation shutters

Structural Inspection

We guarantee that the structural dimensions of our parts are consistent with the contract or sealed samples. The plantation shutter structure is consistent with the drawing confirmed by the customers, the louver clearance is uniform, and there is no visible abrupt light transmission after closing the shutter.

Packaging Inspection

We check the details like frames, louvers, gaps, reductions of shutters after the assembling process. Measuring the two diagonal angles of the shutter to make sure the shutter is square and not skewed. And make sure all parts are added together with the plantation shutters themselves.

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