Trusted QC System

Trained and certified to maintain peak quality in our products, our experts ensure that our products follow industry standards through various inspections and tests.

Our craftsmen have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.

QC members with the average industry experience of 10 years.

100% inspection by professional QC staff.

We introduce advanced machines to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Tests Made Throughout the Production

Our quality control teams are certified and trained to conduct thorough inspections on every aspect of production and guarantee that our shutters meet industry standards and perform optimally.

Wood Inspection

A moisture tester guarantees the specified measurements. 8-12 degrees moisture content is met to the wooden shutter's durability and longer life.

natural wood plantation shutters

Finish Inspection

QC teams take color-difference measurements to ensure the shutter colors can fulfill the orders.

Tolerance Inspection

We set tight tolerances for all parts to regulate the whole manufacturing process.

faux wood plantation shutters

Hardware Inspection

We guarantee that the structural dimensions of our parts are consistent with the contract or sealed samples.

faux wood plantation shutters

Packaging Inspection

we check every package to see if product specifications or instructions and accessories are added together with the product itself.

Get Your Custom Shutters within 7 Days

We have a complete selection of samples to cover all our products and all of your sample needs. Get in touch today to get a sample very quickly!

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