The Best Brands of Plantation Shutters in China

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Mandy You

Hi, I'm the author of this post and have been in this field for over five years. If you want to wholesale plantation shutters, please ask me any questions.

Plantation shutters have become increasingly popular in homeowners’ interior design portfolios over the past few years. The reason for this is their versatility and relatively low cost, given that they are made of natural materials such as wood, composite wood, or vinyl.

Plantation shutters can be used to update an old house or give a new look to a modern one, and they can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced if they get damaged. If you’re thinking about buying custom plantation shutters for your home, you must know what to look for. You want to choose a brand that has an excellent reputation and is known for making durable and high-quality products. 

The Best Plantation Shutter Material Options

There are many types of materials that can be used in the process of shutter manufacturing, but some stand out more than others. For example, wood is very popular because it is durable and can provide an aesthetically pleasing design. On the other hand, PVC shutters are often chosen by companies with eco-friendly and cost-effective business models.

From durability to function, and custom color options, Goodwood Shutters are very competitively priced with a quick turnaround time. They can be custom-made according to your specifications that will suit your specific application perfectly, choosing from entry-level affordable pine shutters right through to premium basswood, ashwood shutters, or a Waterproof Polyvinyl. 

Real Wood Plantation Shutters

The high quality of the wood is just as important as the beautiful natural aesthetic. The highest quality wood comes from lightweight woods such as basswood and poplar. These woods are then graded at the lumber mill due to their knots, cracks, the slope of grain, and moisture content. Furniture-grade wood is considered the highest quality type of wood available on the market today.

Our wood plantation shutters range is 100% made from genuine timber. We use European Ashwood, Chinese Basswood for their proven stability, and FSC certificated New Zealand Pine to manufacture our custom-made shutters range. We use FSC certificated Pine imported from New Zealand and Chinese paulownia wood and poplar for manufacturing wood shutter components.

We do all of the finished work on our wood shutters here in our facility, which gives us the flexibility to stain or paint shutters any color under the sun. Do you have newly stained kitchen cabinets you want to match? No problem! Do you fancy a very particular shade of white for all of the moldings in your home? No problem! We can custom match any color so that your shutters fit seamlessly into the color and style of any home space.

Here are some of the important reasons to choose real wood plantation shutters: 

  • they will not leave any blemishes in the home; 
  • they last longer; 
  • they look better; 
  • they resist warping, splintering, and bleeding. 

Waterproof PVC Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable window covering, look no further than waterproof PVC plantation shutters. These types of plantation shutters are virtually impervious to excessive heat and moisture, making them perfect for bathrooms or other rooms with a high risk of moisture.

Our PVC plantation shutters range comes in four different kinds of white colors, is manufactured from solid poly components with an aluminum core running through the entire shutter. Their main advantage is cost. They are also weather-resistant and good in high-moisture areas. The paint on the shutters has been baked onto the surface of the components in an industrial oven. This method ensures a long-lasting glossy finish, guaranteed never fade, chip or yellow.

You will also have access to incredible prices and the industry’s largest PVC shutter components collection available. With 25 years of experience in exporting high-quality components while still able to remain competitive in pricing. We have built a very successful plantation shutter components program with the help of our customers. We understand that straightness, smooth primed finish, and long lengths are the key factor that allows our customers to save time and money during the manufacturing process. 

Custom Solutions Boost Your Success

Learning from the trends of the market and the needs of our industry clients, we come up with eye-catching designs to help your brand reach out to your customers. Our range of plantation shutters is customized to provide both aesthetics and durability at affordable pricing. Whether aiming for form, function, or a mixture of both, we make sure your custom shutters will complement your market demands. 


Choosing the perfect shutter finish is a crucial decision with a huge impact on the final appearance of the shutters. The process has become simpler and less worrisome because we can now paint or stain the shutters to perfectly match your home’s existing trim.


As well as hinges, the hardware components of shutters (including magnets) are essential to their function. They also play a role in the overall design aesthetic. With so many finishes to choose from (including brass, cast iron, galvanized iron, nickel, bronze, and more), you can make sure your shutters are both functional and beautiful.

Custom Shapes

Have custom-shaped windows and don’t know what to do? Plantation shutters can be made to fit practically any shape, size, and design. From standard rectangular windows to sliding glass doors, french doors, circular and octagonal windows, and everything in between, Goodwood Shutters can create a set of picture-perfect interior shutters for your home.

Estimated Plantation Shutters Wholesale Prices

All the money paid to Goodwood for the purchase of their products is secure. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Sample Pack Fee

Pay a certain amount in case you need a sample. This money is for a shutter sample pack if it is one that you need.

30% T/T Fee

You can decide to either pay the whole amount or pay 30% of the total payment for the wholesale.

Shipping Fee

This money that you will pay for the transportation of your products from the factory to your doorstep.

70% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered from Goodwood Shutters.

How To Process Your Custom Plantation Shutters Order?

We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase and for you to be pleased during the ordering process. Buying a large order from us is easier than dealing with the middle man. That is because we are your only contact for discussing how and when we can deliver such a large purchase. Here is how the process will play out:

Send Your Design/Idea/Photos

We can make customization as easy as possible for your business. For example, you could send us all the measurements of the windows and doors and we’ll take care of the rest.

Confirm Design Documentation

Once you provide measurements and photos of the space, we will provide you with design documentation that you can review to verify within one working day.

Color Sample Confirmation

If you need a customized color, we have that covered. We offer a custom color match program for no extra charge. A full gallon of paint will be purchased for your order, and a sample can be dipped and mailed to you for approval.

In-House Mass Production

We make sure all the raw materials are prepared in advance to make mass production a success. In our manufacturing center, we start making shutters according to the drawings.

Quality Control

Quality control is crucial. A team of fifteen, trained to ensure thorough inspections, look over everything from raw materials to finished products, including export packaging.

Shipping Arrangement

Whether you decide to ship yourself or trust us with the logistics of direct delivery, you are given the free choice to arrange your shipping. You can either do it yourself or trust our factory to handle the logistics for you.

After-sales Service

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If anything goes wrong, we’re here for you. We employ staff that is experienced and certified in the English language. If you experience any problems, please get in touch with us.

How to Import Plantation Shutters from China

Plantation Shutter Brands

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