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Basswood shutters are high-quality plantation shutters at a very reasonable price. Basswood is used throughout the shutter industry due to its beautiful grain, fantastic staining properties, and resistance to warping. If that were not enough, if you want your plantation shutters painted, you can specify ANY paint color you want for no additional charge!

  • Basswood is strong, but it is also light;
  • Basswood has a uniform grain that allows a beautiful stain finish;
  • Basswood is easy to glue and finish;
  • Basswood trees are growing fast;
  • Basswood is durable and does not warp.
Sliding Door Shutters

If you are in the market for wooden shutters, you have likely come across basswood shutters. Basswood is one of the most popular options in shutter manufacture, and for many good reasons. Basswood shutters are a natural product that brings warmth and personality to a beautiful family. Like marble bathrooms, granite countertops, oak floors, and fine wool carpets, basswood shutters are a deep and rich material that creates authenticity and durability that cannot be replicated by synthetic materials.

Some popular features of basswood shutters include:

  • Authentic wood appearance and timeless beauty
  • A fine uniform texture with an indistinct grain
  • Ease of customization to suit your construction needs. You can finish it through sanding or staining
  • Quick-drying wood
  • Superior gluing and finishing properties
  • Lightweight wood without compromising on strength
  • Durability with no risk of warping
  • Due to its low resin and tannin in its composition, basswood can bleed through the chosen finish

Our Wood Shutters Manufacturing Advantages

True Tenons

Our premium quality wood shutters have a minimum of 4 hardwood tenons. The end of each rail is painstakingly machined to have a 1/2″ X 1 7/8″ tenon by a custom-built tenoning machine.

Deep Pocket Mortises

Each stile is precision machined with a minimum of two deep pocket mortises. These mortises perfectly fit the associated tenon. The mortise tenon joint is the strongest joint in millwork and adds tremendous strength, even without glue.

Hardwood Dowels

The tenon and mortise are put together, and a hole is drilled through the mortise and the tenon. Hardwood dowel is driven into the hole, locking the tenon into the mortise for the life of the shutter.

Surface Treatment

We use the highest grade hard-wearing Polyurethane(PU) paints and stains to ensure stability and long-term wear and tear. All colors are UV resistant, environmentally friendly, low VOC.

Hand Assembly

The craftsmen fit each wooden shutter part together in a specialized Jia for dry fitting and final assembly. We do not use pneumatic or hydraulic clamps as they can damage or over-stress the wood. 

The major features of basswood shutters include:

  • Wide panel
  • French Door
  • By-pass
  • Bi-fold
  • French Doors
  • Fan Tops, Curved Arches, Slanted Shutters
  • Louvers are available in 1–7/8, 2–1/2, 3–1/2, and 4–1/2 inch widths
  • Elliptical louver profile
  • Premium Solid basswood construction
  • Variety selections of stains and paints
  • Custom paint colors are FREE
  • Choice of Basswood frames and inside or outside mount
  • All frames come mitered and predrilled for mounting screws
  • Includes all mounting hardware, hinges, and magnet sets to keep shutters closed
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

Customization Options:

  • Louvers are available in 1–7/8, 2–1/2, 3–1/2, and 4–1/2 inch widths.
  • Choice of standard colors or stains
  • Custom color-matching available
  • Available unfinished
  • Choice of shutter panel configuration
  • Divider rails
  • Choice of 5 standard framing and mounting options
  • Choice of four hinge colors (Antiqued Brass, Bright Brass, Chrome, Nickel, White, & Oil Rubbed Bronze)
  • All specialty shapes available with horizontal louvers
  • Arches available in radial style louver
  • Overhead track available for sliding glass doors, room dividers, or large windows
  • Non-standard framing
  • Fixed Louvers
  • Double Hung
  • Hidden Tilt Rod

Our wide variety of shutter designs and services are of the finest quality and prepared to meet your expectations on any budget. Need a quote? Feel free to contact us for a free quotation or a free sample. 

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