An Exclusive Guide to Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl plantation shutters, also known as faux wood blinds, are a simple, elegant, and cost-effective way to dress up your home. They are ideal for windows that look out onto a busy street or public area or if many people will be walking by to see into your property. They are also much easier to clean than wooden shutters, which can get damaged if they are exposed to the elements too often. 

Why Choose Vinyl Plantation Shutters?

Shutters are an excellent way to protect your home and give you the privacy you want. They can also help to insulate your windows and doors, keeping the cold out in winter and helping keep the warm air inside during summer. While you might have considered using shutters in the past, you may not have known about vinyl plantation shutters. Today we are going to look at seven reasons why you might want to choose this particular option. 

20-40% Cheaper than Wood Plantation Shutters

When making major decorative decisions, choosing between standard wood shutters and the more modern vinyl plantation shutters can be an exciting choice. If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy the flexibility and beauty of shutters. Vinyl shutters are the least expensive of the shutter options that can help you save 10-40% cost compared to wooden plantation shutters, but they still provide the same benefits, and they look marvelous. 

Maintenance-Free Excellence

In the coastal areas of Sydney, vinyl plantation shutters have become one of the most popular choices for people wanting to replace their old timber windows. The maintenance-free, beautiful finish of vinyl plantation shutters is the perfect choice for those wanting new windows without the hassle of painting or cleaning them.

Advantages of Vinyl Plantation Shutters

There are many different types of window shutters on the market today. However, there is a particular type of shutter that is particularly popular — the vinyl plantation shutter. If you are thinking about upgrading your window treatments or building new homes, then it is time to consider plantation shutters. They offer numerous benefits for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Dampness and Weather Resistant

Vinyl plantation shutters are not only an ideal product for the home but also workplace environments. Commercial kitchens and food preparation areas require a high level of protection from damaging weather conditions. These durable vinyl shutters feature a protective layer that helps prevent warping and rotting due to moisture. Our vinyl plantation shutters offer the ideal solution to this need, protecting commercial premises with uncompromising quality and performance.


Vinyl plantation shutters are made from glass-reinforced polyamide, which is stronger and more durable than wood. They will not warp, crack or split. They are very strong, easy-to-install, and can be secured in place with double-sided tape. It is also great for your back porch or outdoor patio because it provides privacy without the need for expensive equipment to create a wall.

Ease of Use

Vinyl plantation shutters are a great option for homeowners because they’re easy to use. Slat shutters consist of individual panels that are attached and can be opened or closed with the turn of a handle. Additionally, they’re easy to clean because they can be wiped down with a clean cloth.

Ease to Install

Vinyl plantation shutters are a great solution for your home. They’re easy to install and they’re a great option for any room in your house. They’re simple to use and easy to clean, and they can be adjusted to save energy in the summer and to keep your house warm in the cold months. Goodwood Shutters is one of China’s most respected shutter manufacturers, offering a diverse range of stylish and durable shutters for every home and budget. With Goodwood Shutters, you can be sure that your shutters will provide a great return on investment in terms of their appearance, security, and energy efficiency. A purchase from Goodwood Shutters guarantees peace of mind – from the design process right through to installation.

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