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At Goodwood Shutters, we started years ago with the promise of delivering a better service and higher margins to the shutter industry. We’ve been around for over 20 years and have seen firsthand the issues that may come across with manufacturing shutters. Our team is always innovating to provide the best service possible, and we’re proud to serve our resellers.

Artisans and Craftsmen

We take pride in our commitment to creating a seamless process from order to delivery, and with a dedicated customer service team to provide support at every step. We would like to help you grow your business with quality plantation shutters – whether that means opening up new opportunities or helping you revise your business strategy, Goodwood Shutters is the solution for you.

Plantation Shutters for All Window Shapes & Sizes

Shutters are the ideal window dressing for your interior windows. They come in many styles and finishes, and you can also customize them with different colors and materials to suit your taste. We offer a variety of customizations, such as standard or custom color options to tailor the shutters to the room decor.

Plantation Shutter Materials

Solid wood is the original material choice for louvered and solid interior window shutters. We manufacture them from sustainable wood to achieve a distinguished character and furniture finish. We think the shutters appeal to many homeowners because they offer a classic look and feel to most windows and spaces.

The interior wooden shutters are timeless and they fit in well with traditional and contemporary styles. You can choose a stain that brings out the beauty of the natural wood or paint it to match the rest of your room. We offer three types of wood shutters: Classic Basswood, Premium Ashwood, and Pine.

Basswood Shutters

Basswood shutters are the most popular choice of all wood shutters. It has a closed grain and produces less sap, which makes it easier to apply primer and stains. The slow growth also means that the wood is straighter and cracks less, making it a much better choice than other woods. This option remains one of the best choices for Tier-on-Tier Styles or large panels, as for conservatory windows.

basswood wood

The basswood series of plantation shutters are best-selling and most beautiful. You can choose from a wide range of finishes, which are more durable than most other plantation shutters. All of these shutters also come with the FSC certification, which means that they’re eco-friendly.

Ashwood Shutters

The white ash wood has a very deep grain, which can be seen when this type of timber is painted or stained. This wood is used for many purposes, from making baseball bats and carpenter’s hand tools to tables and shutters. Shutters with white ash wood give them a more charismatic appearance compared to the usual light-colored woods.

ash shutters

Ash shutters are an excellent choice for those that appreciate deep grains. The deep grain in the wood is best accentuated with a rich stain available in a range of colors. We also offer paint finishes with this wood type. We take care of every last detail and by hand apply a rag-rubbed stain to make sure the color is evenly spread and consistent. Attention like this will amaze you!

Monterey Pine Shutters

Monterey Pine Shutters range is our entry-level wooden shutter option. They are durable and affordable wood made from FSC-certified and sustainably sourced New Zealand timber. The shutters are made from the Monterey Pine tree, which is highly dense and grows at a medium rate. It is mainly used for flooring, furniture, and fences. This piece is our most inexpensive yet high-performance option, perfect for those looking for a high-quality option without the bank-breaking cost.

basswood wood

PVC Plantation Shutters

Preferring durable poly construction, sturdy solid poly components, and stainless steel hardware that resists rust to bring you the beautiful look of plantation shutters while staying maximum durability.

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable window covering, look no further than waterproof PVC plantation shutters. These types of plantation shutters are virtually impervious to excessive heat and moisture, making them perfect for bathrooms or other rooms with a high risk of moisture.

PVC Shutters

Our PVC plantation shutters range comes in four different kinds of white colors and is manufactured from solid poly components with an aluminum core running through the entire shutter. The paint on the shutters has been baked onto the surface of the components in an industrial oven. This method ensures a long-lasting glossy finish, guaranteed never fade, chip or yellow.

Plantation Shutter Styles

Many different window styles serve different purposes. Interior window shutters are the most flexible type of window dressing and come in many different styles, perfect for any space and window type. We offer a variety of interior window shutters that come in solid panels or louvered options. You might want to start with six different styles, from full height to tier-on-tier to cafe style.

Full Height Shutters


Our full-height shutters are the most popular design due to their elegant looks, practical design, and robust construction. These elegant shutters cover the full height of the window and are framed by consistent use around the panels, providing a reliable model and style for your design.

Full height shutters are suitable in many rooms! These can be used in all spaces, but we would typically recommend full-height shutters for bedrooms where privacy and keeping as much light out as possible are important and are often used to dress bay windows.

Café Style Shutters

The shutter style has a partway block, which means that it’s halfway up the window and perfect for living rooms where full light blockage isn’t needed. They are situated at the bottom of the window and don’t go all the way up. These shutters provide additional privacy without blocking the window entirely. 


The type of shutters you choose for your home is entirely your decision. While living rooms usually look great with café-style shutters, bedrooms usually don’t (unless it’s combined with another window dressing). Our Cafe-style shutters are available in all of our shutter materials ranging from entry-level Pine to top-end Basswood.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier is a window style that covers the entire height of the window. The difference between Tier on Tier, as the name suggests, is that there are two tiers of panels completely separated at a certain point up the window. Specifically, it’s used in road-facing windows or living room windows where you want to open and close your shutters daily.


Double up on shutter panels with this flexible style. Tier on tier is perfect for homeowners who are looking for the ideal combination between café and full-height styles as top panels can be opened to leave the bottom closed panels in café-style shutters.

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid panel shutters are a brilliant option for shutting out light (and all its accompanying distractions) in your office, providing a solid layer to the window area. This traditional style is a perfect choice for giving you the maximum level of light blockage possible. 

Solid Panel Shutters

When you set out to find traditional-style shutters for your window or door, you can opt for our solid panel shutters. You can cover the full height of the window or only a portion of the panel, and you can choose to leave half of the panel solid and the other half louvered. It’s all about your personal design preference.

Special Shape Shutters

Odd-shaped shutters are the perfect way to dress oddly shaped, circular, or square windows. Plantation shutters are made to measure and customized to the shape of the window, and they offer a simple and aesthetically pleasing solution. The key is whether the surrounds are suitable for attaching the shutters, and this is important to consider before making any final decision.

plantation shutters arched window

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters -also known as tracking system shutters, can be an ideal solution for large windows and expanses. They are suitable for many more applications than more traditional window treatments, like bi-fold and bi-pass doorways, wardrobes, pools, and room dividers. Sliding shutters come in two systems: Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass.

Plantation Shutter Options

Aside from standard shutter designs, we offer an array of customizable designs and options to fit your needs and stand out from the crowd. 

Slat Size

  • Classic (63mm)
  • In Vogue (76mm)
  • Modern (89mm)
  • 47mm & 114mm

Custom Color: You can choose between 23 paint coats, 27 stain finishes, and a custom matching option depending on your material choice. 

plantation shutters manufacturers

Tilt Rods: You can also choose to have a more traditional or contemporary look for your tilt rod.

Why Should You Choose Goodwood Shutters?

Goodwood Shutters has a strong track record in creating value through partnerships with several companies – global players. We work in close cooperation with leading brands in the US, UK, and Australia to provide an extensive range of high-quality plantation shutters and components. Whether you are shutter importers, brand owners, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers, you can benefit from importing plantation shutters from china.

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A firm supply chain helps keep the cost of production low, while the in-house shutter manufacturing process and high product quality ensure that each shutter is built to last, reducing breakage and bringing down replacement costs. 

Competitively Priced with A Quick Turnaround Time

We know you want to focus on your business while we take care of your shipping. We guarantee to always deliver high-quality products on time, so you can stay in touch with your fans and focus on growing your brand.

A Wealth of Production & Exportation Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the plantation shutter industry, we can take care of each aspect of the plantation shutter process, from making the shutters to shipping them to you, ensuring that your plantation shutters are made and delivered as smoothly as possible.

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