The Cost of Plantation Shutters: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’re contemplating the addition of plantation shutters to your home, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the associated costs. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the various factors that influence the pricing of plantation shutters. Additionally, it offers valuable tips to help you determine the best pricing options tailored to your specific needs.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Plantation Shutters

Several factors can influence the cost of plantation shutters, and understanding these factors is essential when deciding on your home.


The material used to craft the shutters plays a significant role in determining their cost. Wood shutters are generally the most expensive option, known for their elegance and durability. They add a timeless charm to your home but might come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, vinyl and composite shutters are more budget-friendly alternatives. While they may not have the same natural look as wood, they still offer practicality and style at a more affordable price.


The size of your windows directly affects the cost of plantation shutters. Larger windows necessitate larger shutters, which typically means higher costs. Be sure to factor in the size of each window when getting quotes to estimate the total expense accurately.

Number of Windows

The total number of windows you must cover with plantation shutters will also impact the overall cost. The cumulative expense might be higher if you have numerous windows throughout your home. Some companies might offer package deals or discounts for multiple installations, so it’s worth inquiring about any such options.


Plantation shutters come in various styles, each with distinct features and pricing. Full-height shutters cover the entire window and offer maximum privacy and light control. Tier-on-tier shutters consist of two sets of independently operable panels, providing light and privacy management versatility. Café-style shutters, which cover only the lower part of the window, are often more budget-friendly. Choosing the style that aligns with your needs and budget is crucial.


The installation process can significantly affect the overall cost. Opting for professional installation ensures a precise fit and guarantees that the shutters function correctly. While this comes with an additional cost, it provides peace of mind and ensures the shutters look their best. On the other hand, some companies may offer DIY installation options, which can save you money if you’re comfortable with the task.

Additional Features

Additional features like custom paint or stain finishes, decorative hardware, or specialized louvers may add to the total cost. While these features can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your plantation shutters, consider your budget and priorities before adding them.

Cost of Plantation Shutters

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the best pricing for your plantation shutters. Obtain quotes from different suppliers and consider the overall value and quality they offer. Remember that investing in high-quality shutters can be a worthwhile long-term investment, as they can increase the value of your home and provide years of functionality and beauty.

Different Types of Plantation Shutters and Their Price Range

When exploring the world of plantation shutters, you’ll discover a range of types, each with unique characteristics and price points. Let’s delve into the various options available:

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters epitomize elegance and timelessness. Crafted from high-quality wood, they add a touch of luxury to any space. The price range for wood shutters typically varies between $200 and $500 per window. However, it’s important to note that the price can vary based on the type of wood chosen (e.g., oak, cherry, or basswood) and any additional customization or finishes desired.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters offer a more budget-friendly alternative while providing durability and aesthetic appeal. They are highly moisture-resistant and easy to clean, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The price range for vinyl shutters generally falls between $100 and $300 per window, making them an affordable option for homeowners seeking a balance between cost and functionality.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters combine the best of both worlds by blending wood and synthetic materials. They offer the appearance of real wood shutters while providing increased durability and resistance to fading or warping. Composite shutters typically fall within a price range of $150 to $400 per window. As with wood shutters, the final cost may vary based on factors like customization options and specific manufacturer pricing.

Cost of Plantation Shutters

It’s important to remember that the price ranges provided are estimates and can vary based on multiple factors. The size of the shutters, the style is chosen (e.g., full-height or tier-on-tier), and the specific manufacturer or supplier can all impact the final cost. To ensure you find the best option within your budget, obtaining quotes from multiple suppliers is recommended. This way, you can compare prices, evaluate the quality of materials and craftsmanship, and decide based on your specific needs and preferences.

Additional Costs to Consider

When purchasing plantation shutters, it’s essential to consider several additional costs beyond the shutters’ price. These costs can impact the overall investment and should be considered during decision-making.


Hiring a professional to install your plantation shutters ensures proper fit and functionality. The cost of installation typically ranges from $100 to $300 per window, depending on factors such as the complexity of the job and the location of your home. While it may be tempting to attempt a DIY installation to save money, it’s crucial to ensure that the shutters are correctly installed to avoid any potential issues down the line.


You may need custom-made shutters if you have unique window sizes, shapes, or design preferences. Customization can add to the overall cost of the shutters, as they require specialized manufacturing and may involve additional design or measurement consultations. Custom shutters generally carry a higher price tag than standard sizes, so it’s important to factor this into your budget if necessary.

Hardware and Accessories

Depending on the style and functionality of your chosen shutters, you may need to purchase additional hardware and accessories. These can include hinges, knobs, latches, or other components necessary for your shutters’ proper operation and aesthetics. The prices for these items can range from a few dollars to higher-end options that cost up to $50 or more per piece, depending on the quality and design.

Maintenance and Repairs

Like any home feature, plantation shutters may require maintenance or repairs over time. This can include repainting, replacing damaged slats, or fixing broken hinges or other components. While these costs may take time, it’s essential to consider the potential need for maintenance and repairs in the long run. Regular upkeep ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your shutters.

Cost of Plantation Shutters

By considering these additional costs, you can better estimate the total investment required for your plantation shutters. It’s advisable to consult with professionals, gather multiple quotes, and thoroughly assess your needs and budget to make an informed decision that provides the best value for your money.

Tips for Saving Money on Plantation Shutters

If you want to save money on plantation shutters, consider the following tips to help you stay within your budget.

Comparison Shopping

Take the time to research and compare prices from various suppliers and installation professionals. Obtain multiple quotes to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. Consider the cost and the quality of materials and services offered by different providers.

Alternative Materials

Explore alternative materials to traditional wood shutters. PVC or composite shutters can offer a similar aesthetic at a more affordable price. These materials are often moisture-resistant, durable, and require less maintenance.

Standard Sizes

Opt for standard-sized shutters whenever possible. Custom-made shutters usually come with higher price tags due to additional labor and materials required. Pre-made shutters can provide a cost-effective solution if your windows are of standard sizes.

DIY Installation

If you have experience and confidence in your handy skills, consider installing the shutters yourself. DIY installation can save you money on labor costs. However, carefully follow installation instructions and have the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure a successful and safe installation.

Discounts and Promotions

Watch for discounts, sales, or promotions offered by shutter suppliers. They may have special offers or seasonal deals that can help you save money. Sign up for newsletters or follow the social media accounts of suppliers to stay informed about any available discounts.

While saving money is essential, balancing affordability and quality is crucial. Remember that plantation shutters are a long-term investment in your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Opting for lower-quality options solely based on price may lead to durability and maintenance issues in the future. Prioritize reliable suppliers who offer a balance of affordability and quality craftsmanship to ensure you’re making a wise investment.

Choosing the Right Shutter Supplier and Getting Quotes

When purchasing plantation shutters, selecting a reputable and reliable shutters supplier is crucial to ensure a satisfactory experience. Here are some steps to help you find the right supplier.

Cost of Plantation Shutters

Research and Reviews

Conduct thorough research to identify reputable companies that specialize in plantation shutters. Look for suppliers with positive reviews and testimonials from customers. Check independent review platforms, company websites, and social media channels to gather insights into their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Evaluate Quality

Assess the quality of materials and craftsmanship each supplier offers. Look for suppliers that use high-quality materials known for durability and longevity. Consider factors such as the construction, finishes, and customization options available. Request samples or visit showrooms to physically inspect the products and assess their quality.

Customer Service and Experience

Consider the level of customer service provided by each supplier. Look for responsive, knowledgeable, and willing companies to address your concerns. Experience matters, too, so choose suppliers with a proven track record in the industry. Engaging with suppliers with extensive experience can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the purchasing process.

Get Multiple Quotes

Contact multiple suppliers and request detailed quotes based on your specific requirements. Provide accurate information about the size and number of windows you need shutters for and any customization or special requests you may have. This will help you compare the quotes equally and make an informed decision.

Consider Value, Not Just Price

When comparing quotes, don’t solely focus on the price. Consider the overall value provided by each supplier. Evaluate factors such as the quality of materials, warranties offered, installation services, and after-sales support. Pay attention to the reputation and reliability of the supplier, as choosing a reputable company may result in long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.

Negotiate and Ask for Discounts

Feel free to negotiate with suppliers or inquire about any available discounts or promotions. Some suppliers may be open to offering better pricing or additional services to secure your business. However, ensure that any negotiated changes do not compromise the quality or reliability of the product or service.

Following these steps, you can carefully evaluate suppliers and decide based on quality, reputation, and price. Investing in reputable suppliers and high-quality products is crucial for long-term satisfaction with your plantation shutters.

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