Why Are Tier-On-Tier Shutters Gaining Popularity These Days

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Plantation shutters are a classy and affordable option, and they’re an exceptionally popular choice when you want to get that perfect look for the interiors of your house. Due to the massive range of configuration options, shutters can now cater to different requirements of a room in every house. This write-up will attempt to outline the benefits of a specific shutter configuration called tier-on-tier shutters.


What Are Tier-on-Tier Shutters?

The tier-on-tier shutter style is a versatile combination of shutters that you can open independently of one another. Tier-on-tier shutters cover the entire window, similar to a full-height shutter, except both the top and bottom tiers of panels open independently. It provides a stable door or cafe shutter effect, meaning natural light can flood into the room, and privacy can be given maximum protection.

Tier on Tier Shutters is the perfect shutter for rooms that need some privacy – like a bathroom, bedroom, or ground-floor window. And because panels and louvers can be operated independently, you can block out light and prying eyes 24/7. If you want to emphasize a beautiful Victorian sash window, tier-on-tier shutters help complete the look and provide easy access to open or close your windows.

Why Do We Love Tier-on-Tier Shutters? 

  • They have two sets of shutter panels for maximum flexibility;
  • The top panels can fold back for a completely new look;
  • They provide greater privacy during the day;
  • They also provide a stylish & practical solution for sash windows.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters Are Most Suitable for Bay Windows

Tier-on-tier shutters are a classic and traditional design that complement period properties and are particularly suitable for tall, grand windows. They typically fit bay windows better than other window options because they come in two halves, which can be divided equally between each side of the window. The upper tier of the curtain should be at the same height as the bottom tier. While the tier-on-tier shutter on a bay window option is the most popular, they integrate beautifully with classic Victorian-style sash windows.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters Are Most Applicable To Living Room

Which rooms should tier-on-tier shutters be used in? Tier-on-tier shutters are best in spaces that require some privacy and light. Living rooms and bedrooms are ideal, as the shutters help block light without compromising privacy. Tier-on-tier shutters in the UK will often be found in street-facing rooms. Whether you choose traditional or portobello-style shutters, your room will take on a classic, sophisticated feel.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters Are Custom-Made to Your Specifications

Goodwood Shutters are made to measure, so you know they’ll meet your specifications. We offer a variety of materials, along with limitless colors, accessories, and louver sizes. With our tier-on-tier shutters, you can be assured they’ll be supplied exactly how you want them.

Choose Your Shutter Material

If you need a window that’s resistant to condensation, you’ll want to use PVC shutters. These are crafted from an incredibly tough and hard-wearing poly material, so they’re moisture-resistant and perfect for changes in damp levels. 

If you’re choosing shutters for your living room, hardwood will be the ideal material as it will bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your living room décor. Wood shutters are often a better choice than PVC shutters because they can be stained any color, last longer and look just as good, work with a variety of styles, stay great for years without fading, and can be custom fit with precision.

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There are many types of plantation shutters, each built with beautiful and sustainable hardwoods, such as pine, poplar, or white ash. Each shutter is unique, but all of them bring natural depth and beauty to your home. Not sure what kind of wood to get? Here are the five most popular wood used in plantation shutters.

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Choose Your Shutter Louvers

There are four different shutter louver widths you can choose from, so you can find one that suits your style and needs. The profile widths of your shutter louvers can make a big difference in how they look. 

2 ½ inch Shutters

A 2 ½ inch louver is the most traditional size. They are traditionally seen in homes with traditional décor, and they also look good on doors, closets, and room dividers. They are good for rooms where you want more privacy than viewing, like in your bedrooms and bathrooms.

3 inch Shutters

3 ½-inch shutters can have a traditional design or be grander, depending on your needs. If you have large windows, 2 ½ inch shutters will be too small. For larger windows, you should look for ones that measure 3-inch or more. 

3 ½ inch Shutters

3 ½-inch louver shutters provide the perfect balance of beauty and privacy. These are the perfect choice for wider windows, but they can also work well on the doors, closets, and room dividers. If your window depth allows for this louvered style, then we recommend these as they allow for more light and view – especially in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and dens.

4 ½ inch Shutters

Shutters with louvers of 4 ½ inches wide are an excellent choice for large windows that offer a stunning view. The visibility is 108% greater than 2 ½ inch shutters, and the wide-open shutter almost makes you forget it’s there at all, as the view is so clear. We recommend this louver size for any window that overlooks your favorite landscape, as these louvers will let you show off your home and enjoy the view with pride.

Choose Your Shutter Finishes 

Your Tier on tier shutters can be customized to suit your taste and décor. There are a few ways to finish shutters made from the finest quality wood. You can paint them to your specifications, sandblast them, or stain them. Stained shutters are typically a popular option. You can choose the color of the stain to match your furniture and sills. 

When it comes to the paint color for your tier-on-tier shutters, white is the most popular in the UK. However, pale shades are also a good choice, shades of off-white, cream, and grey are classic colors that will give your windows a timeless and elegant appeal.

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Choose Your Shutter Tilt Rod

In order to get the light levels to suit your preferences, the shutters need to be operated with a tilt rod. There are two different options to control the light. One option is to have the tilt rod visible, creating a classic look. The other option is to have the tilt rod hidden behind the side frame, providing a sleeker appearance. 

The hidden tilt rods allow for an unobstructed view with vertical guide rods concealed behind the side panel. Adjusting the louver is as simple as adjusting them by hand – one adjustment changes them all!

Transform Your Home With Goodwood Shutters

From durability to function, to custom color options, Goodwood Shutters can supply a variety of custom plantation shutters to meet any budget. Whether you want affordable pine shutters or more luxurious basswood, ashwood, or water-resistant vinyl shutters, Goodwood Shutters can supply exactly what you want.

We’ve been making plantation shutters for over 20 years, supplying them to the wholesale market located in the US, UK, South Africa, and Australia. We are a China-based plantation shutters manufacturer with highly efficient production facilities in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Shandong. Enable us to offer timely services for professionals who require the utmost precision in their specifications.

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