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Goodwood Shutters is a family-owned and operated Custom Shutter Company with a reputation for dependability. We offer shutters to customers where they need them and when they need them. Our company began manufacturing and delivering plantation shutters in Xiamen, Fujian, China, in 1995 and has been running continuously ever since. A satisfied international customer is our top priority. They are treated with the utmost care and respect. We offer unbeatable delivery times and craftsmanship that is second to none in the industry.

How To Process Your Custom Shutter Orders?

We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase and for you to be pleased during the ordering process. With custom shutters, we provide the best quality and the highest level of customer service possible. Buying a large order from us is easier than dealing with the middle man. That is because we are your one and only contact for discussing how and when we can deliver such a large purchase. With so many options for customization, you can create plantation shutters that are just right for your target market. We will work with you to design and create that order, and we will be available for any questions or changes that may come up. Here is how the process will play out:

Send Your Design/Idea/Photos

You can provide us with the measurements of the windows and doors, or send us a photo of the windows and doors with the measurements, and our team will make it a reality.

Confirm Design Documentation

Based on a fully understanding of the measurements and photos that you sent to us, we will provide design documentation that you look over to verify within one working day.

Color Sample Confirmation

We offer a custom color match program at no extra charge. A gallon of paint will be purchased for your order, and a sample will be dipped and mailed to you for confirmation. 

In-House Mass Production

We will prepare all raw materials beforehand to ensure mass production goes on wheels. Manufacturing goes full swing, creating the plantation shutters based on drawings.

Quality Control

Series of tests are done by a quality control team of 15 members who are trained to conduct thorough inspections from raw materials to finished product export packaging.

Shipping Arrangement

You are given free choice to arrange your own shipping, or you can also entrust our factory with the logistics service of direct delivery from our local port to your home.

After-sales Service

The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in English language skills. In case of any product damage and other problems, please do contact us.

Long-Lasting Plantation Shutters & Components Wholesale

From durability to function, and custom color options, Goodwood Shutters are very competitively priced with a quick turnaround time. They can be custom-made according to your specifications that will suit your specific application perfectly, choosing from entry-level affordable pine shutters right through to premium basswoodashwood shutters, or a Waterproof Polyvinyl

Real Wood Plantation Shutters

best plantation shutters brand
Wood Plantation Shutters

Our wood plantation shutters range is 100% made from genuine timber. We use European Ashwood, Chinese Basswood for their proven stability, and FSC certificated New Zealand Pine to manufacture our custom-made shutters range. We use FSC certificated Pine imported from New Zealand and Chinese paulownia wood and poplar for manufacturing wood shutter components.

We do all of the finished work on our wood shutters here in our facility, which gives us the flexibility to stain or paint wood shutters any color under the sun. Do you have newly stained kitchen cabinets you want to match? No problem! Do you fancy a very particular shade of white for all of the moldings in your home? No problem! We can custom match any color so that your shutters fit seamlessly into the color and style of any home space.

Synthetic PVC Plantation Shutters

best plantation shutters brand
PVC Plantation Shutters

Our PVC plantation shutters range comes in four different kinds of white colors, and is manufactured from solid poly components with an aluminum core running through the entire shutter. Their main advantage is cost. They are also weather-resistant and good in high-moisture areas. The paint on the shutters has been baked onto the surface of the components in an industrial oven. This method ensures a long-lasting glossy finish, guaranteed never fade, chip or yellow.

You will also have access to incredible prices and the industry’s largest PVC shutter components collection available. With 25 years of experience in exporting high-quality components while still able to remain competitive in pricing. We have built a very successful plantation shutter components program with the help of our customers. We understand that straightness, smooth primed finish, and long lengths are the key factor that allows our customers to save time and money during the manufacturing process. 

Factory Direct Plantation Shutters

Learning from the trends of the market and the needs of our industry clients, we come up with eye-catching designs to help your brand reach out to your customers. Our range of plantation shutters is customized to provide both aesthetics and durability at affordable pricing. Whether aiming for form, function, or a mixture of both, we make sure your custom shutters will complement your market demands. Check out our custom-made plantation shutter projects that worked with many windows and doors. 

best plantation shutters brand

Want to Know How We Can Do Business? Let us talk!

Goodwood Shutters is always available to our resellers and prospective resellers to answer questions or help solve a problem. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, click here. You can also choose to become our exclusive reseller by signing the agreement. You will be the sole importer for the local market, the independently customized shutter designs will only be sold to you. Let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality custom plantation shutters.

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