How to Import Plantation Shutters from China

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Plantation shutters come in many styles and types. If you want to find the BEST plantation shutters for your home or business, you should look at all of your options worldwide. Importing plantation shutters is not as difficult as you think, especially if you know where to look and get help. Have you considered importing shutters from China?

In this article, let’s look at what you need to know and do when importing plantation shutters from China. It includes understanding the process, how to find a supplier, and what you get for your money.

plantation shutter factory china
plantation shutter factory china

Understand What You Are Getting and What You Can Expect

Better Price

China-made products are typically cheaper than products made elsewhere. China’s manufacturing and labor costs are much lower than other countries, which means Chinese businesses often have to compete with each other for consumer attention. And that means they can afford to be more competitive on price.

Higher Quality

Cheap, ugly, and poorly made plantation shutters usually happen when you don’t pay for quality. Cheap products can be found anywhere. The same is true with China. There are low-priced, cheaply made plantation shutters on the market. But there are also expensive, beautifully crafted handmade plantation shutters at higher prices.

Be prepared to pay high for excellent quality plantation shutters. Quality plantation shutters are made using high-quality materials, including wood and hardware. They are also meticulously crafted, making them worth the cost.

Wider Selections

China is the manufacturing hub of the world. It has plenty of natural and synthetic materials, and shutter factories offer plantation shutters in every possible wood and other material. China’s suppliers specialize in customization, creating plantation shutters that match your needs.

First-class Customer Service

With their new attitude, Chinese businesses are recognizing that excellent service is just as important as great products. As a result of growth, the mindset felt that merely having a good product will not be enough to gain repeat business. Instead, they must have a good reputation. 

Chinese companies now invest in excellent customer service training as a way to keep customers happy. They do this by investing in training for their staff that provides excellent service.

What to Look for When Importing Plantation Shutters from China?

Often overlooked, plantation shutters are a finishing touch that provides a room with much of its character. Though often overlooked, plantation shutters can be a perfect decoration for any room. You might not think about it, but plantation shutters are a crucial piece of interior design. When it comes to new plantation shutters, there are many factors to consider. From picking the right material to finding the right hardware, these tips will help you find the perfect set of plantation shutters for your home or your business.

plantation shutters from china
plantation shutters from china

Shutter Finishes

If you want your plantation shutters to blend beautifully with the decor of the room, we recommend selecting a color that is similar to the walls but a few shades darker. For a more subtle and elegant look, choose a light, soft hue that matches the colors in the room (like the carpet or sofa). For a more bold and eye-catching look, select a bright color for your plantation shutters.

If you want to protect your furniture’s finish, then don’t use bright colors or white. Sunlight will cause finishes to fade over time, so stay away from these colors if your room is very bright. Choose neutral colors, because they are less likely to fade in comparison to other colors, and they will blend into your room’s decor.

Shutter Material

You should choose your plantation shutter materials wisely. The material you select will determine how well your plantation shutters function and hold up over time. The material will affect how your plantation shutters are installed and whether they are durable, maintainable, and offer privacy. Before deciding on the material, order swatches first to see and feel the texture.

Ash Wood Shutters

Ash shutters are unique plantation-style shutters with a warm, rich finish and sophisticated design. They bring a decorative element to any windows and doors while helping to protect your privacy. The wood is straight and has a uniform rough texture. It is suitable for processing and polishing. It is mainly used to produce high-end luxury furniture. If you are looking for a stunning range of premium hardwood shutters with fantastic grain definition, rich patinas, and beautiful wood finishes, then you have come to the right place.

Ash Shutters
Ash Shutters

Basswood Wood Shutters

If you are in the market for wooden shutters, you have likely come across basswood shutters. Basswood is one of the most popular options in shutter manufacture, and for many good reasons. Basswood shutters are a natural product that brings warmth and personality to a beautiful family. 

Basswood Shutters
Basswood Shutters

Pine Wood Shutters

Interior Pine shutters are among the most popular ways to add depth, dimension, color, and function to homes of all styles. Also known as radiata pine, a beautiful wood that has been used by domestic furniture manufacturers and flooring experts for many years.

Pine Shutters
Pine Shutters

Poplar Wood Shutters

Poplar would be an excellent material for interior shutters except for its inherent color variations. Poplar features mineral streaks and greenish color, making it unsuitable for staining but great for painting. Poplar wood shutters are easy to work with, and it is no wonder they are popular with homeowners. 

Poplar shutters
Poplar Shutters

Paulownia Wood Shutters

The fine grain texture, knot-free appearance, and low oil content make it the perfect timber to be stained or painted. Paulownia wood shutters have excellent thermal insulation properties, and low thermal conductivity helps withstand the cold in winter and heat in summer, helps maintain the perfect ambient temperature in your home, and provides you and your family with maximum comfort.

Paulownia Shutters
Paulownia Shutters

PVC Shutters

PVC shutters are made of a more flexible polyethylene-based material, just like the material used to produce water bottles and crash helmets. And have inset aluminum cores throughout the entire shutters to make sure the product lasts for a longer lifetime. They can be used in the kitchen bathroom or even to dress the window in a shower area.

PVC Shutters
PVC Shutters

Determine Your Customization Option

Choose Your Louver Sizes

Ready-made plantation shutters found online or in stores usually come in these standard lengths:

  • 4.5 for maximum view and minimum cleaning
  • 3.5 traditional plantation size
  • 2.5 colonial style

Plantation shutters are designed with your preferences in mind. The experts will discuss which of the available sizes for louvers would be best for your room during your consultation.

Choose Your Frame Styles

Chinese companies offer a variety of frames to fit any type of window. You can view their different frame styles on their website or in their gallery. For example, you might decide to mount the frame inside the window opening and flush it to your wall. Or you might want to mount it on the wall around the window opening. Their representative will show you which frame style is best for your windows.

Choose Your Tilt Rods

The Chinese companies offer traditional and hidden tilt rods. Both options come with the option of giving separate control to the top and bottom louvers with a split tilt. Alternatively, you can use a divider rail to give one person full control of all louvers at once.

How to Find Good Suppliers of Plantation Shutters from China?

Search Online

Plantation shutters are easy to find when you search online. There are plenty of choices when it comes to this product. Alibaba is the world’s largest supplier directory, home to 279 million active buyers and 8.5 million manufacturers. Not only can you find an excellent product on Alibaba, but you can also buy from anywhere in the world.

Once you have determined what type of supplier you need, simply type the product and add the word ‘manufacturer’ in the search bar. For instance, if you are looking for a plantation shutter manufacturer, type ‘plantation shutter manufacturer’ into Alibaba’s search bar, and you will find many pages of suppliers of plantation shutters.

The internet is a wonderful tool that opens up new opportunities for online shoppers. However, there are still some pitfalls that buyers come across. For example, how do you know if you’re dealing with a legitimate seller? How do you know if the company will deliver on time? And how do you know which supplier to choose among all the options presented to you?

import plantation shutters from china
import plantation shutters from china

The term MOQ or minimum order quantity might pop up in Alibaba, which means you have to purchase a large amount of a product. While this can be a good thing when you want the best prices, it can also be a problem when you are a small company without a lot of financial stability yet.

Visit China Factories

One great idea for anyone in the business of buying plantation shutters is to visit China shutter factories and develop relationships with manufacturers. Not only is it a great way to form relationships with manufacturers, but the country also has the greatest selection of these products. Like if you are in the accommodation business (hotels, motels, resorts, serviced apartments, dormitories, etc.) or if you want to be a plantation shutters retailer or wholesaler in your area.

If you are looking for plantation shutter suppliers in China, Foshan should be your first stop. Located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, central Guangdong province, Foshan is the ideal place to start.

Well known for its vast manufacturing industry, it is divided into different districts that cater to specific industries. Three of the most important districts for shutter manufacturing are Shunde, Nanhai, and Gaoming.

Find a Middleman

When you are searching for a sourcing agent, it is important to know that the agent will act as your representative in China. The agent will manage the entire importation process for you. When choosing a sourcing agent, it is a good idea to look for a company with a good track record.

The sourcing agent will help you find the best shutters supplier to meet your needs. They will do everything from finding you a supplier to getting them to produce what you want, so you get the shutters you need. It makes the buying process easier for you.

Make Sure You Are Getting the Best Price for Your Money

Free Design for Your Plantation Shutters

Sure, it is a great idea to look for a supplier who offers a free design for your custom plantation shutters, but they are not the only ones. Many suppliers offer this service in order to get new customers, and you should take that into consideration when making your decision.

Multiple Shutter Material for Your Choice

When considering plantation shutters, look for a company that has a large inventory or that has access to a large inventory of plantation shutters and their materials and hardware. This will give you many choices for your custom-made plantation shutters.

Trusted Logistics Service for Your Shipping

When you’re seeking a supplier, be sure to find one that offers reliable logistics service or has a partner company to take care of this aspect of delivering your plantation shutters from the Chinese factory to your doorstep. Logistics is a concern for many importers and something you can cross off your list by seeking a supplier that alleviates the logistical burden.

Upgraded Product Installation Support

When buying plantation shutters, it’s important to find out whether the manufacturer has an installation service. If they do, ask them if they have a local representative that will help with the installation. If not, be sure to see if they have any toll-free numbers you can call when you need installation assistance.

Professional After-sales Service

The after-sales service of a supplier or distributor may be more important than what or how much they sell. When you’re importing products from overseas, it’s important to find companies that offer consistent, professional customer service. It’s not enough to buy and sell, especially when you are dealing with large quantities. A company that has dedicated staff to take care of your needs after the sale, is worth your time and money.

The Process of Importing Plantation Shutters from China

Measure the Size of Your Windows

It is important to make sure all measurements are accurate, so always use a steel tape measure. Be aware that cloth tapes can stretch and therefore produce inaccurate measurements. Measure the size of the window to the nearest quarter-inch and make sure both height and width measurements are labeled (Width x Height). A helpful tip is to always put your width measurement first and height last (Width x Height).

Choose Your Material and Finish

The type of shutter you want depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an energy-efficient and affordable plantation shutter, then go with a PVC shutter. If you’re looking for a more decorative shutter made from real wood, then consider the real wood plantation shutter.

Get Quotations and Confirm the Design

Let’s talk about your quote. You’re all done with the measurements, you chose your materials and finish, and now it’s time to get a price quotation. Be sure to give your supplier as much detail as possible so that they’ll be able to accurately capture what you want in your window shutter design.

Pay Prepayment and Production Begins

You’ve got your idea, and you know what you want. Now it’s time to work out the details of the deal so you can get started with shutters production. The contracts will need to be drawn up and finalized before the payment is made and the supplier is given the go-ahead to start production. It’s important to include all of the details and specifications in the contract so there are no delays in production.

Arrange Shipment

Arrange for quality control inspections before shipping your products. Quality is important to ensure you’re not wasting your time and money on an order that will be returned. After the inspection is complete and you’ve made sure the product is of high quality, you can then arrange to ship the goods with a reliable logistics company. 

Along with the cost of your shutters, remember to also factor in shipping rates and taxes. These depend on what company you use, where you are located, the season, and other factors.

Common Problems Encountered in Importing Plantation Shutters from China

Quality Problem

One of the most common problems with first-time importers is that they don’t do enough research on their suppliers. The best way to avoid this problem is to just work with shutter suppliers that have testimonials from happy customers.

Shipment Problem

When your supplier unexpectedly has a production delay, you can avoid disruption by adjusting your expectations accordingly. If you know your supplier’s production schedule, you can plan for delays and know when to expect the shipment. This way, you won’t be disappointed when your order is late.

Payment Problem

It is important to specify the terms of payment before contracting with a supplier. For example, if you need a 30% down payment, it’s best to be clear about this from the beginning. You can also use a sourcing agent to help determine the best payment methods available.

Installation Problem

Installation problems can happen. That’s why you need to pay close attention to all the details, like window measurements. And if you’re unsure of something, always ask for help from your supplier. This will prevent problems from happening – and when they do, it’ll be easy to fix them.

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