Why Goodwood Is The Best Wholesale Plantation Shutters Supplier In China?

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Are you looking to buy plantation shutters direct from a manufacturer or a reliable brand on your own? Goodwood Shutters might just be your ideal supplier of wholesale plantation shutters that are available from very few brands with the same grade of quality and longevity.


We at Goodwood Shutters have been in the field of plantation shutter manufacturing for over 2 decades and have reliable experience in supply stats. Our brand has significantly innovated at a large scale to bring better innovations and shutters production into the mainstream market much quicker than our competitors.

Goodwood Shutters is an international supplier of plantation shutters with highly efficient shutter production facilities in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Shandong, enabling us to offer services promptly to our international clients. We serve a variety of customers, from window-covering trade suppliers to resellers to millwork manufacturers.

Our Range of Plantation Shutters Made in China

As a leading wholesaler of plantation shutters in China, our goal is to establish a reciprocal relationship with our distributors. We help our distributors convert customers into brand promotors by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We take pride in our products and believe they will allow us to flourish if we continue to stay focused on the customer.

PVC Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for plantation shutters that can stand up to humid environments? Goodwood Shutters solid aluminum reinforced PVC shutters are perfect for humid environments. They withstand moist conditions and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, homes close to the ocean, and other wet climates.

We can build reinforced louvered shutters that are up to 36” for large window openings, stiles, and all. In the process of building off of the best-louvered shutter on the market, we reinforced the stiles and louvers to make them even stronger than a car in front of a speeding train.

PVC, vinyl, and poly shutters all come from PVC, but not all PVC shutters are the same! Vinyl shutters can be either hollow or solid. Solid vinyl shutters have limitations on size, but they are a good choice for small windows. In addition, aluminum-reinforced PVC shutters can be the strongest option for large windows.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are still a very popular window treatment today because of all the benefits that they offer. Wood plantation shutters have always been popular with homeowners, as not only do they offer natural beauty and durability but many other benefits that make them worth the price.

There are many different types of wood, such as basswood, poplar, pine, and other wood options, and each has diverse qualities that will be important for your project. For instance, some woods are stronger than others, some are lighter, some have better staining properties, and some have better painting properties. If you are interested in purchasing wood shutters for your home, be sure to ask a certified shutter seller’s help in choosing the best type of wood for your needs.

Wooden shutters are one of the most popular in western homes, but they can be expensive. Some consumers may want to go with a less expensive option that still delivers the same look and functionality. Poplar is a great choice for shutters because it is readily available, requires less processing, and is much more affordable than basswood, making it a much better option for homeowners on a budget.

Not sure what kind of wood to get? Here are the five most popular wood used in shutters.

Advantages of Partnering With Goodwood Shutters

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy suppliers of plantation shutters. Goodwood Shutters’s goal is to let you spend your time the way you want to – on the things that matter. We take care of all the dirty work, including trade talk and clearance. Our consultant will keep you in the loop about the trade progress as it happens.

10% Lower Factory Price

A secure supply chain is integral to keeping the cost of shutter production low and ensuring that each one is built to last. Reduced breakage, reduced replacement costs.

Strict Quality Control

We design, manufacture, and supply the best custom shutters in the industry and well-established process control techniques. We are capable of producing great quality shutters for our customers.

A Quick Turnaround Time

We know you want to focus on your business while we take care of your shipping. We guarantee to deliver high-quality shutters on time, so you can stay in touch with your fans and focus on growing your brand.

Custom Solutions Boost Your Success

We design eye-catching plantation shutters to meet both form and function needs. Our plantation shutters are customized to suit a client’s specifications and give an aesthetically pleasing and durable product. We make sure that the custom shutters will complement our client’s needs and desires, whether for form, function, or a combination of both.


The perfect shutter finish is an important decision with a huge impact on how the shutters look. Painting or staining the shutters to match your home’s trim is a simpler and less worrisome process, making it much easier to find a look that complements your home.

best plantation shutters brand


As well as hinges, the hardware components of shutters (including magnets) are essential to their function. They also play a role in the overall design aesthetic. With so many finishes to choose from (including brass, cast iron, galvanized iron, nickel, bronze, and more), you can make sure your shutters are both functional and beautiful.

Custom Shapes

Plantation shutters can be made to fit practically any shape, size, and design. From standard rectangular windows to sliding glass doors, french doors, circular and octagonal windows, and everything in between, Goodwood Shutters can create a set of picture-perfect interior shutters for your home.

Start Earning Substantial Profits in Your Country

We are a top-ranking solution provider of choice in the industry and have been providing our clients with the finest plantation shutter commercial for more than 20 years. Our experience, knowledge, and friendly customer service make us an excellent partner for any window treatment company that wants to grow its business.

We do our best to make sure your trust stays on top of us. Our manufacturing systems are equipped with fast processing machines and state-of-the-art design implementation systems to bring out optimal shutters for the commercial market. Our products are thoroughly verified and procured by quality experts to make sure they stand out from the prior competition. Thus, If you are looking for the best available wholesale plantation shutters in china, Goodwood Shutters has all kinds of plantation shutters that you have been looking for.

Want to wholesale plantation shutters onboard? This ultimate solution guide would help you with everything about wholesaling custom shutters.

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