How to Get the Ultimate Light Blocking System for Your Windows

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There are many ways to help block out the light from your home. Depending on your budget and the type of surfaces in your room, some of these solutions may not be suitable for you. But whatever way you can enjoy a room that is relatively dark, rather than completely blacked out.

Ash Shutters

There are many different types of window treatments that can be used to block light. Some, like blackout window film, may seem more affordable initially, but over time they may not be as effective. Dark curtains, roller blinds, and plantation shutters all offer varying degrees of light blocking, but all will have some degree of light bleed around the edges. Using plantation shutters alone won’t provide a complete blackout, but some solutions can help.

Plantation Shutters with Integrated Blackout Blinds

Shutters with integrated blackout blinds provide the convenience of being able to block out light completely at any time of day or night. This is especially useful for people who work night shifts or have young children who need to sleep during the day. Suitable for home cinema environments, nurseries, bedrooms, and living rooms.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line light-blocking solution, our built-in system with a blind mounted within a specially designed frame is the way to go. The blind runs in a channel behind the closed shutter panels, ensuring that no light gets around it and maximizing light reduction. Though they are more expensive than other options, these shutters are well worth the investment.

Stylish shutters with integrated room darkening blinds are available for Basswood, Ashwood, Pine, and PVC shutter ranges. They offer superior light reduction and come in 20 different colors for the wooden shutters range to complement your home. The neutral street-facing color is perfect for keeping your home private and the lightweight, single honeycomb cell construction makes them easy to install and maintain.

Blackout Blinds Behind Plantation Shutters

One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to install blackout blinds behind shutters. Blackout blinds are a type of window treatment that helps to block out sunlight and heat, which can help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Shutters are a type of window treatment that can be used for both decoration and function. 

Installing blackout blinds behind plantation shutters is a great way to blackout 99% of all external light in a room. Shutters themselves won’t provide complete darkness, but by installing blackout blinds behind them, you can create almost total darkness.

This is an excellent and cost-effective way to achieve complete darkness. We have used this approach ourselves in our children’s bedrooms. It’s a great way to create a sense of ‘its bedtime’ in those hot summer months, but also allowing the sun to wake you up in the morning!

If you are unsure whether blinds alone will suffice, we can mount the shutter with space to retrospectively fit a blind should you find that light closure proves to be insufficient. This allows you to try out your blinds first before incurring additional expenses should you decide they’re required.

If you’re new to shutters and have never used them before, plantation shutters with blackout blinds are a great option. They provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Plantation Shutters Pair with Curtains

Curtains are popular choices for window coverings because they can add both elegance and decorative elements to a room. They can also complement the practicality of shutters well, depending on the customer’s preferences. Many customers still like the classic look of curtains on the interior of their rooms, which can enhance or match their décor. Curtains often remain popular in very large rooms or properties to highlight the grandeur of a window, while long curtains are often used in smaller rooms to create an illusion of height.

There are functional advantages to pairing curtains and shutters together. For example, if you wanted complete exposure to the outside world, a sheer curtain would allow you to do so whilst filtering out light, providing protection from passers-by, and reducing bugs entering the room. If you’re looking to achieve a truly dark room, consider adding a curtain to your shutters. Larger louvers on your shutters will mean fewer slats and fewer light gaps, which will go a long way in achieving the perfect level of darkness.

plantation shutters and curtains

Pairing curtains with shutters is a great way to add creativity and flexibility to the décor of your room. A recent survey found that almost all customers would choose a neutral shutter color over a bold one for their living room. This is because neutrals let you change the décor in your home very easily without having to worry about upsetting the balance of the room.

Opt for Full Solid Raise Shutters Design

Full Solid Raised Shutters – designed to block out nearly all light, Full Solid Raised Shutters are perfect for a sophisticated look and feel. Create a dark, quiet atmosphere in your home with these shutters.

Choosing plantation shutters for your home can be a great way to reduce the amount of light that comes in during the day. The thick wood on these shutters ensures that less light comes through, especially when compared to thinner blinds or curtains. However, if you want to eliminate all light coming in, solid panel shutters are the perfect option.

solid panel shutters

The perfect option for reducing noise and light, solid shutters are a great choice for bedrooms. Working best in homes with hardwood floors, these panels provide an opaque barrier that blocks out noise and light. This makes it easy to sleep through the night without interruption, while also providing insulation during cold winter months and warmer summer days.

New Product – Blackout Plantation Shutters

We have enhanced the blackout efficiency of our plantation shutters to become the first shutter manufacturer to achieve as close to complete darkness as possible in China. This advancement distinguishes us from our competitors, who struggle to offer even partial darkness in their products.

Blinds and shutters are a great way to keep your bedroom windows dark and quiet. A blackout option ensures you get the best balance between light, privacy, and noise reduction. With a specially designed frame that creates integrated blinds, this product allows protection on two different levels. There are two layers of protection with the addition of a blind behind the shutter panel.

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